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New Nintendo 3ds xl - Pokemon shuffle battle!

Hey guys,

Just a short video game play of the Free-to-play Pokemon shuffle. It's a cool game that you can download from Nintendo eShop and play for free on your 3ds. It's a matching game in essence but added a story and voila!

You only got chance to play for at least with 5 hearts. After that, you can either buy it or wait. Normally, I'll just play up to 5 heart. I kinda have short attention span so this work fine for me. The gameplay is really easy and pretty fun. Need a bit of strategy to win. So, think through before you make the match-up.

The one I'm playing is a special segment where you can win coins and also fight a stronger pokemon. It took me a couple of tries to win the battle. But, it was worth it. I didn't manage to catch it though. I'll get it..somehow.

Well then, hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to download the game on your 3ds if you haven't yet.

Happy gaming!

New Nintendo 3ds xl - what can you do beside gaming?

Yo guys,

What can you do with your New Nintendo 3ds xl?

Why you can also surf the net, do Facebook updates, tweets on twitter and and watch movies on Youtube!

Although, you can basically already do all of the above on your mobile phone and mostly better on the phone then on your 3ds but, it's still pretty cool you can do those things on your ds too.

My gripe from my last post is that, you can only do those things when you're on wifi. The 3ds don't have a sim card or data card support. It would be cool if you can actually whatsapp using the 3ds or skype with friends. The virtual keyboard have to be better in that aspect.

Heck, the ds doesn't even have bluetooth. Why would you want bluetooth on the ds? Well, for one, i can use a bluetooth speaker for better sound or bluetooth keyboard for better typing. I'm not sure if you'll want a mobile ds phone but it won't hurt right? Maybe, in the future nintendo?

If they decide to create a 3ds phone, their design have…

My New Nintendo 3ds xl Red version!

Hey guys, 
Last Feb Friday 13th, I collected my New Nintendo 3ds xl - red version. I also pre-ordered Monster hunter 4. Check out my un-boxing video above.

New Nintendo 3DS. XL package.

Pre-ordered Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Got it!

The next day, I went buy a couple more games like The Legend of Zelda Majora's mask and Mario kart 7. 

Haven't actually tried the game yet. Will soon!

Mario Kart 7. So much fun!

Oh yeah? Bought, a hori clear case for my 3ds. Also, bought a traveler case which I can put in 3 extra games cartridges. 

I think, this cost me around $19.

Ohhh, so shiny!

Wish, I could buy a bigger one with more space to put my game cartridges and that could even put in my charger. They didn't sell it at the local shop. I might shop around for it later on.

Like my amiibo? Haven't open it yet. It's too cool to be un-box!
So far, I really like my new Nintendo 3ds xl. It's actually my first time buying a Nintendo products. Wanted to get a 2 ds but didn't …

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