New Nintendo 3ds xl - what can you do beside gaming?

Yo guys,

What can you do with your New Nintendo 3ds xl?

Why you can also surf the net, do Facebook updates, tweets on twitter and and watch movies on Youtube!

Although, you can basically already do all of the above on your mobile phone and mostly better on the phone then on your 3ds but, it's still pretty cool you can do those things on your ds too.

My gripe from my last post is that, you can only do those things when you're on wifi. The 3ds don't have a sim card or data card support. It would be cool if you can actually whatsapp using the 3ds or skype with friends. The virtual keyboard have to be better in that aspect.

Heck, the ds doesn't even have bluetooth. Why would you want bluetooth on the ds? Well, for one, i can use a bluetooth speaker for better sound or bluetooth keyboard for better typing. I'm not sure if you'll want a mobile ds phone but it won't hurt right? Maybe, in the future nintendo?

If they decide to create a 3ds phone, their design have to be better and slimmer. Not as bulky as right now. Not sure, how they're gonna do that. If it can be fit nicely on my back or front pocket then it's slim enough. :p

Actually, the size of the new nintendo 3ds xl is almost the same as my iphone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 plus is of course slimmer. If someone actually design a game controller for the iPhone 6 plus that can be fixed on the phone it won't be that much thicker then the 3ds xl.

The new nintendo 3ds xl already have a good design with their gaming control and I'm sure most will agree with me when comparing gaming on mobile phone and a ds.

The 3ds really needs more apps and games on par with Google android store or Apple app store. Oh, they need more free stuff too!

Lets get one thing straight, if not for Apple apps store, apple product will be the same as the others smartphone out there. In fact, I used to hate having to buy and re-download games whenever i bought a new phone or lose it during re-formatting the phone. But, Apple really change that. Yay! for Apple!

Nintendo, eshop need to be better design and to grow bigger with more apps and games. The Apple store have grown sophisticated and been re-design a couple of time since the day, they created the iTunes. Unlike the eshop, I went to their website and I'm like, wtf? It's like I'm on a different planet. It's really awful!

Where's Facebook apps, where's whatsapp or even Yahoo email app? We're living in a social service era and Nintendo eShop doesn't have all that even after years of producing the ds!?

Nintendo ds can be better. The eShop can be better. Nintendo, should evolved just like Apple and Google android. I'm really looking forward to the future of the ds!

Happy gaming!

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