My New Nintendo 3ds xl Red version!

Hey guys, 

Last Feb Friday 13th, I collected my New Nintendo 3ds xl - red version. I also pre-ordered Monster hunter 4. Check out my un-boxing video above.

New Nintendo 3DS. XL package.

Pre-ordered Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Got it!

The next day, I went buy a couple more games like The Legend of Zelda Majora's mask and Mario kart 7. 

Haven't actually tried the game yet. Will soon!

Mario Kart 7. So much fun!

Oh yeah? Bought, a hori clear case for my 3ds. Also, bought a traveler case which I can put in 3 extra games cartridges. 

I think, this cost me around $19.

Ohhh, so shiny!

Wish, I could buy a bigger one with more space to put my game cartridges and that could even put in my charger. They didn't sell it at the local shop. I might shop around for it later on.

Like my amiibo? Haven't open it yet. It's too cool to be un-box!

So far, I really like my new Nintendo 3ds xl. It's actually my first time buying a Nintendo products. Wanted to get a 2 ds but didn't get around to buying it. My nephew told me to buy a psp vista instead, since it's already out. I heard about the new 3ds last year and decided to get it. 

Boy, it was a long freaking wait. Finally, got it though and it's really a great gaming hand held console. I do have a few gripes though. 

For one thing, you have to open its back to insert your mini sd card. 

Granted, I didn't feel the need to keep taking out my sd card for anything. But, it was irritating nonetheless. I was afraid I could have scratch the shiny back plate. It's brand new for God sake!

If you're thinking of upgrading or buy a new battery, yes you can. Remember, you'll need a small screw driver handy. :p

The 3d is pretty awesome but somehow my camera on the 3ds keeps giving me error. But, I can still chose to play 3d or just turn it off. Maybe, I'm new to 3d gaming but I don't feel the need to turn it on all the time. Especially, when I prefer taking off my specs when playing. Either way, it won't matter as it's still fun playing with the hand held console. 

The control felt a little cramp even though with my small hands (or maybe my hands that's small). I got a bit of numbness problem when holding things for long time. Other then that, the control is good and responsive. The small nub above the x button felt 'funny'. It doesn't feel as good as an xbox controller for the pc or the xbox. But, it's not really a problem for me. At least it's better trying to play some games on my iphone.

I like the Nintendo e shop where you can download the latest new games, games demo and even background wallpapers. 

But, you can't compare it with Apple apps store or even Google Play android store. I can't find some of my favorite games or apps on the eshop. There are a few but Nintendo need to open up their store to these devolopers. With, better control options then an iphone or android phone, the 3ds should be a better gaming platform.

Have I told you, you need to buy a charger? For a new customer, I'm really irritated when the shop owner asked me which kind of charger I NEED to buy. An original $29 Nintendo charger or a third party $15 one. Of course, I bought the original Nintendo. 

In spite of that, I like the fact I can browse through my Facebook to check up on latest updates etc. 

Watching youtube movies on the 3ds xl anyone? Too bad, you can only surf or watch youtube using wifi.:(

Lo and behold! I can even watch YouTube on my 3ds! 

I think, you can't do that on the 'old' 3ds. But, don't expect browsing through your Facebook and YouTube to be like say, doing it on your iPhone. The graphics and sound are much better on my iPhone 6 plus. Plus, you can only surf if you're on wifi on the 3ds. That totally suckz!

Overall, if you still have these (picture of DSi) , then an upgrade is on the card. You can do much more on the new Nintendo 3ds xl. Other then that, maybe one day, Nintendo will improve on the system. 

On my wish list is:

1. More games like on the Apple apps store. 
2. Better sound system. I felt the need to buy a speaker to watch YouTube movie. 
3. Be able to download and watch my movies without having to reformat the file. 
4. Better resolution and sharper image for reading on the 3ds. 
5. I hope YouTube and Facebook gonna improve on their software updates. Oh yeah, what about Twitter, Instagram or even Skype? Is it coming to the 3ds?

Don't get me wrong. The new Nintendo 3ds design right now is great for gaming. That's why, I hope they improve more on it like including Bluetooth and SIM card slot for using data to surf and downloads. 

I guess, that's all for now. I'm gonna go enjoy playing games on my 3ds. 

Happy gaming!!

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