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Israel denies seeking US go-ahead for Iran strike

I almost panic when I read this headline in my daily email news because I thought World War 3 is starting >>

Israel denies seeking US go-ahead for Iran strike
JERUSALEM : Israel on Saturday denied a report in a British daily that it is seeking permission from the United States to fly its bombers over Iraq to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

You just feel that's the world can't wait to EXPLODE and fucking destroy itself right?

A resounding YES!!

I just wish I can hide somewhere in the desert and let the world fuck each other assholes while I live in peace alone ..

Nice ..

New Traffic Exchange scripts by Walker

Yesterday, I slept at 2am. Just barely finish setting up and updating a new script for my new Traffic Exchange. But, I think it's worth it.

After some hair pulling, I finally manage to make it works. In the process though, I inadvertently deleted my members account!

Crap! Now, I have to re-promote again from start.

I already emailed my members telling them about the script change before I installed the new scripts. Just in case things didn't work out. And, I was right!

Now, I'm just hoping that they will return. Well, the active one that is. I know some of them only joined because of the 3000 hits I offered. But, now I only offered 300 credits per signup.

It's still a good offer. Added to that, this new scripts is super great!

It has everything and everything is done automatically for you!

Now, I don't have to manually check everything.

Even, if anyone decided to upgrade their account. I don't have to worry or constantly check my email. Paypal will immediately inform m…

The Best Grammy Show ever

I don't know about you but to me this year 49th Grammy award is super great!

What I like most about it is that there's so much variety of music on show and frankly I like it all. Even grassroots!

That's what I mean, from the oldies to todays hip hop it's a musical talent show under one roof!

I'm actually watching the re-run right now and watching it again and listening to all the wonderful music through the years it's like a music heaven. Wow!

If you miss it and you've got a chance to watch it, then go watch it!

I recommend it.

Here's a link to the online site >>

Enjoy the musical journey!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing all Chinese A Happy Lunar New Year!

It's the Year of the Pig and I think it's going to be a Prosperous New Year for all!

That's what I see happening this year anyway minus the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The on-going campaign against terrorist in Pakistan. And the never-ending saga of Palestine and Israel.

Truly, I see that this new kind of war won't be settled even at the end of this year alone!

It will take another 20 years!

As long as the root of the problem is not solved it won't end. In fact, I think it's going to bloody escalates into an all-out-war!

You might want to remember what I'm saying right now. Or better yet bookmark my blog. ha!

Anyway, again Happy Lunar New Year to all chinese over the world!

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For the moment visit their site at

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Well, do visit the blog if you have the time.

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Debbie- Still in love & staying alive

I just finish chatted with my net friend, Debbie. She's got cancer and still having to go through 'hell' treatment to treat her. Drop by her site and drop a comment or two to show your support for her.


Here's the link below:

My Motorala V3x pics

I've got nothing to write about today. So thought, I'll post pics of my New motorola hp I bought over the weekend. So far so good, I've even manage to downloads some 3gpp music videos, games and pics.

One thing a bummer though is that I realized the battery will quickly flat out if I listen to my favourites Mp3s. But, when I played the games it's okay. Here's the site where I go to download some mobile games.

You can get Free or Paid games there. Awesome sites.

Well, that's all then. Oh, yeah. If you're looking for a good web hosting service that also will pay you monthly residual incomes?

Then visit this site at >>

Good day!

Singapore clinch Asean Championship!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Singapore, succesfully defended the Asean Championship . Againts all odds, beating thailand at the first leg in Singapore National Stadium and then by avoiding defeat in Thailand.

I always knew, they could do it. Something, about this team that makes me confident they will succeed.

I think it's all boil down to Raddy Avramovich which I think is the Best National team coach singapore ever had ever!

Ok, minus all the Malaysia glory but internationally he has made Singapore the team to beat!

It also shows how the other 'big' team which have a population well over the small tiny Island of Singapore didn't really have much to show.

Asian team have the problem of scoring especially in International games. That's why they always lose!

In football, you need to score to win. It doesn't matter if it's 1-0, 3-0 or even 11-0. As long as you score and the other team doesn't then you win. That's what singapore team did. They stop the other team to score…

7 years of fun, craps and holy s*(t !

My (ex) gf haven't called me for almost a month and I haven't called her too. So, today I finally decided to delete her contact no. from my hp. I guess it's time to move on and maybe for the better.

Things haven't been well since last year. I had wanted to break up with her for sometime as for me personally, our relationship been going downhill. Maybe it's me, maybe it's her. But, I always thought things happen for a reason. That's why I decided to delete her no as I keep wanting to call her but I never did. The thing is the last time I tried to call her but she had problem with her mobile phone. And once I thought she's been trying to call me so I tried calling back but she never pick up. So, a week gone and finally it's been a month. Since, things aren't going well anyway might as well we go our separate ways. Maybe, she'll find someone better. I'm happy for her. It's her choice.

For me? I think I prefer to stay alone or by myself. I…


Yesterday, I went to the Singapore National Stadium to watch the Asean Football Championship Final first-leg between Singapore and Thailand.

It was pretty exciting and both set of supporters makes a whole lot of noise supporting their country team. It was pretty exciting and since I went with some old friends whom I haven't met for a long time it was a lot of fun hanging out with them.

But, what happen 5 mins before time really marred the occasions. As the thailand players decided to walk out the game after a penalty was given. It was rather un-sportmanship of them and I don't what the fuss really was. The same thing could have happen to singapore and I don't think the singapore team would have done the same.

In football this kind of thing happen and referees always makes mistakes even if they don't want to admit it.

The thailand team always likes to take things into their own hand. It happen a couple of years back when they and Indonesia both didn't 'play' the…

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