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Great, just great!

I spilled my guts writing a post and this stupid laptop hang up on me!

So, before it hang up again here's something I found out what I and other pda owner can do and that is read my blog on their pda!

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So, if you like reading my blog (for whatever reason) on your pda? Add me! Add me!

Have fun!

Here I am, re-typing this post as my laptop hang-up on me a moment ago. Stupid laptop. Okay, as I was saying earlier; I've been busy-ing myself downloading, installing and dabbling with my 2nd hand Treo 600 which I bought last month ( I think ). I didn't realize how much you can do with it. It's freaking great!

Although, I would love to get my hand on a Treo 700p or 700w whichever I can get my hand on first. If you already have any of palm products you might want to visit this site at >> for tons of downloads free or otherwise.

I already downloaded a whole lot and my Treo memory is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Now, I know why people keep complaining about Palm on providing a miniscule memory or 32mb. Now, I'm left with only 7mb!

Lucky for me, most of the software are small in size. If you choose wisely which or what kind of software you'll like to keep then it shouldn't be any problem. Oh, did I tell you that I …

Been busy.. and sleepy

Boy, have I been busy this couple of weeks.

So busy that I didn't even have the time to blog everyday. So, I decided to post something today. If you didn't know yet. It's world cup month this june till 9 july 2006. I haven't been able to watch most of the match as I can't seem to stay awake to watch the whole match!

Gone were the days when I could stay up all night to watch the "live" matches. Heck, I even ask my supervisor if I could take the night off ( working night shift during that week) to watch the World Cup final between France vs. Brazil which if you can still remember is won by the French. I was actually devastated as I thought the Brazilian with Ronaldo will walk all over the French team. And to my dismay a certain zinedine zidane scored the first goal with the header and the rest is history. I'll always remember that match!

Ronaldo was always my favourite player/striker and I suppose he still is to me. He's big, strong and skillful. All t…

Is Anti-christ among us?

If you didn't realized it yet, today's date is 6/06/06. In short, 666!

Is today the day that the anti-christ is borned? Or maybe, he's already among us?

You never know. Come to think of it, it's scary. Just look around you. With all the things that are happening around us maybe it is true. There's tsunami, earthquake, war, famine, wierd virus, desease. Whoa!

Of course, the naysayers would say it's just natural calamaty or whatever. Yep, that's the un-believer. Hey, what they believe is none of our concerns and I know would say the same thing about us. Only GOD knows and when the time come, they will know the truth.

Alright, enough of the doomsday hoopla.

Last saturday, I found a shop selling a second hand treo 600 for $230. I ask for the price to be lowered to $200 and they agreed. So, I took the chance to buy it. As, I had wanted to own one for so long (not the Treo 600 but the 650 ). I wanted to wait for the latest Treo 700p but it's taking too long to rea…

In order to do the right thing, they did the wrong thing

I was surfing through when I saw a post about the US marines going on a rampage killing innocents after they were bomb by the insurgents and one of them died. Funny, they were suppose to be there to help protect the Iraqi people whom they 'help' liberate from Sadam. And now they gone mad going into houses and shooting and killing un-armed civilians. Remind me of the Vietnam war?

What the hell would I know? War is never nice and it's either you kill or be killed. Sometime, you won't know an enemy till they pull a gun on you. I'm a supposedly train soldier but I know no matter how nothing will prepared me when I'm out there trying to protect my ass from being shot at. Also the difference with war from the past and now is that you know your enemy. This time round you don't. You have to constantly watch your back and hope you get through the day.

At the same time, you know who you are going to kill or rather see their faces before you cut them o…

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