Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl with SIM data card?

No, there's no such thing as a new Nintendo 3ds xl with a SIM card. But, wouldn't it be great?

I know, would be weird if you wanna talk on a 3ds and use it like a phone. But, I find it a bit irritating if I can't access the Internet whenever I'm not at home using my wifi. I have extra data SIM card that I use for my wins tablet. So, would be cool if I could also use a data SIM card for the 3ds. Imagine, whats-apping or watching YouTube vids on the train or bus. 

The 3ds is kinda a great multimedia tool. I've just finished watching two episodes of the anime Nintendo upload for the system entitled: Attack in Titan and even though I could watch it on my laptop or my iPhone 6 plus, the experience wasn't so bad. 

That's why, maybe, I'm hoping that in the future version of the 3ds would include data SIM card availability. They'll need to improve the virtual keyboard though. I'm typing this blog on my iPhone 6 plus and if the 3ds have this kind of keyboard it will certainly make it better for typing and posting on social media sites. 

I bring my 3ds xl everyday to work and  like I said, I can't surf the web with it because there's no wifi around that I can tap to. Yeah, I know I could do that with my phone but, since I'm already on my 3ds why shouldn't I then?

Would it be hard for Nintendo to create all that I've said above and more? What's in store for the new 3ds? Better graphics? Better video and social media capabilities? Better camera? 

There're so many they can improve on and certainly, I'll be looking forward to a better multimedia experience on the 3ds. Until then...

Happy gaming!