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iPhone launch day finally here!

Actually, it's almost 30th midnight here in Singapore. So, the iDay as they say it is almost over!

In the U.S. though it will only be Friday morning. Some, Apple stores already have lines waiting. In New York almost 100+ people are already camping outside the stores.

Too bad, they haven't yet selling the iPhone over here but I guess, this way, we could wait out and read reviews on the iPhone before deciding to buy it. Even, if it hit the stores here I'll be waiting for the version 2.0 of the iPhone. Although, I very much like to buy it once it hits Asia but there's more improvement I think the iPhone needed.

For instance, I just read that with the iPhone camera, you can't take video with it. You can only take pictures. That's really a bummer. Another thing is that you can't set your ringtone using the mp3 songs you have. That really surprise me. Some of the features are basic on the mobile phone but Apple iPhone doesn't have it!

Maybe, for the Asian regions…

Clear up your bloody own mess!

Brown becomes British PM as Blair gets Mideast job
LONDON : Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair as British prime minister on Wednesday, finally stepping out of his predecessor's shadow after 10 years and vowing to lead the country into a new era of change...

Bush welcomes Blair as Mideast quartet envoy
WASHINGTON : US President George W.Bush said on Wednesday he welcomed his closest ally, former British prime minister Tony Blair, to his new post as envoy for Middle East peace..

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here's 2 headline which really 'tickle' me.

First, I think it's Blair's duty to clear up the mess he left in Iraq and second Bush should quit his job and join Blair to do the same.

I think it's befitting of them.


AnnaDavid, Geekbrief and Rockbox

Okay, this past few weeks I've been visiting sites and blogs. Some of this site I found via watching ipod video podcast found on iTunes. Which is a great place for you to find any podcast up to your taste. Check it out!

Anyway, here's the links to 3 of my new found favorite site >>

Anna David - Sex and relationship advice

In your pants with Anna David

I don't know if you already knew her from her latest book out "Party Girl" or via the countless magazines publications and shows you might have seen or columm written by her. She's hot, she's sexy and best of all she knows what she's talking about. For relationship, sex advice etc. visit her site. Don't forget to subscribe to her newsletter!

Next up is

A brief tech show with a hottie presenter going by the name of Cali Lewis. For those of you already subscribe to her p…

5 more days to iPhone day!

Today, I watch a video clip at Cnet TV about the iPhone countdown. It talk about a website or blog that already have a list of application that you can use on your iPhone. Once you get it that is. You can actually try it out right now. Pretty cool.

So, I pause the clip and manage to get the url for the site at >>

I guess since Apple introduce Safari version for the windows. Programmer has started creating nifty tools or widget for the iPhone. It's only 5 days to go and I'm sure once everyone got it in their hand more will come.

We'll see and read what people will talk about. Some, might whine. Some, might complain. Some, might be estatic. Some, I wonder will cry for joy maybe?


Anyway, I myself has never been this excited or hype up about a phone before. But, I think this is somethting new that noone has actually vision but the creator of the iPhone.

What I personally like about it is that it uses OS X. It's new to the n…

ProfitYesterday: I got paid today

I check my email today and get a notification from paypal that I had received payment. When I look at the From email I realized it was from the owner of one of the money making programs that I had joined.

I think this week had been good to me. I also received payment for one of the other program that I wasn't really promoting for sometime. But, I still make a sale from the website!

In fact, I thought I had already took it down from one of my hosting account. So, I decided to promote it again. Here's the link if you're interested to take a look for both of the program that's making me money this week >>

Please click the promotional links >>

Have a look!

I have also been sick this past few days with flu and slight fever.

I didn't go to the doctor as I seldom ever go for most part of my life. I only bought some medicine and medicate myself.e

Right now, I feel kind of …

ProfitYesterday: Marketing tools for the marketers

If you're interested to earn residual income online you might want to take a look at this website at >>

It's only US$9.90/mth and you get first class marketing tools to succeed online.

I'm also promoting this to save up money to buy the iPhone once it reach asia. Heh heh. So, do me a favour and help me out. If you're also looking for ways to work at home part-time or full-time, you might find this program pretty cheap and easy enough. Preferably though, you have some experience in joining this sort of program online. If not, you might be a little lost.

If you have question feel free to visit my forum at >>

Good night, I'm going to bed!

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What if there is really NO God?

Yes, what if there is no God?

If there is no God? Then I would have killed myself looong time ago.

Yup. When I was a teenager, I used to contemplate commiting suicide. Sometime, I still feel like it. When I'm alone. I guess, it might have got to do with my parent divorce when I was still a kid (selfish parents take note!). At times when I was feeling damn down and I guess depressed.

So, what stop me?

Because, of my religion up-bringing. Everybody, knows that if you killed yourself you'll go to hell forever. Yes, forever is a very long time. And, its a never-ending forever at that. Think about it. Don't think, for a second that hell is just a mirage. Just, something that others use to make you feel afraid. Right, now we can't see it. But, when the time comes, I tell you there's no turning back.

That's why everytime I read on a blog how snobbish some of these atheist or non-believers are, I mean thinking that just because they can't see God they take it that God d…

Ping your blog

Ahhh ..a nice Monday afternoon.

I'm at home right now. Relaxing, surfing the net and listening to the music I downloaded yesterday to my Ipod. It's always nice to do whatever you want right?

Freedom, is precious to me. That's why I don't really like working. Unless, you just LOVE your job of course. But, most of us have to work. That's the reality of life.

That's why, once awhile you need to 'switch off'.

Take a break from work. Go somewhere nice, or just relax at home doing your own thingy. It's very therapeutic. I'm sure you have a hobby or something. If not, then there's something wrong with you. You need a break dude!

Anyway, Blogexplosion "Ping my blog" is back. And you might want to do that. It help submit your blog to news feeder etc. Get your blog seen out there!

I'm actually surfing through Blogexplosion right now. Visiting others bloggers blog and putting down a comment or two. If you have a blog you can leave your link on …

10 ways to Outwit Your Appetite

I read an interesting article about various ways you can try to stop yourself from thinking about food and instead of eating more you eat less.

For example, you can eat eggs and bread in the morning and it will affect your appetite in that you fill full and eat less for the rest of the day.

You can read the article by following the link below:

I think it could really work as it's simple and hey, they did some research and it seems to work.

But, you'll have to try it yourself to really see if it'll work.

It's all in the mind, I always say.

Happy reading and trying!

Info about the iPhone on Cnet: Crave

If you're still wondering what an iPhone is, you might want to visit this site >>

A quick titbits on what the iPhone offers and the spec.

Look out for news update on

My favourite Tech site!

It's Official apple iPhone on june 29th!

The awaited news is finally out!

iPhone will be in stores on June the 29th in the U.S. of course!

I'll be interested to read up the reviews on it. Although, I can't exactly get a hold of it, but I'll be excited reading up and watching video reviews before it finally came to our shores.

I always like to research the product before finally get my hand on it. Just like the iPod video that I bought. And I bought it at the right time. Now, I always bring it along everywhere I go. It's my own on-the- go entertainment system.

Anyway, here's a quick link on the iPhone Ads>>

Cant wait!

Haven't been this so excited about a product before!

Chow for now!

Good things come to those who waits...

Ahh! It's a nice sunday afternoon. Been watching the Star Wars complete trilogy the whole day on Cable. Okay, sunday is a lazy day for me. I prefer to laze around doing nothing then rather go out and sweat it out playing soccer or whatever. I sweat enough the whole week!

It's june and I can't wait for the iPhone to be finally out in stores. Not that, I'm going to go out and buy it once it's out. It won't be on my shores anyway. Asia will have to wait at least till next year 2008. But, I'm not holding my breath. I prefer waiting for a better iPhone then the first version. There's already abuzz about the 2nd version of the iPhone. I'm not sure what's going to be updated but I sure hope they have better battery power and more memory!

4gb, 8gb is chicken feed. And the camera on it is only 2mega pixel. Hello, most of the high end phone already have 5 mega pixel!

Anyway, the price is going to be around SGD$1000 ++ and I suppose only the rich and crazy wi…

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