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YES! Finally! Got my own iPhone (3G)!

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Hey guys,

Check it out!

Yes! Finally! Got my very own 3G iPhone today!

Okay, okay. I know, I should have waited till Starhub offered it since I'm already with the carrier. But, I can't freaking stop myself!

So, here it is. Some of the pictures, I took of my brand new iPhone. I haven't played with it much yet. Just, getting the hang of it.

At the shop, I didn't even know how to 'On' the thing. I thought, I need only to press the 'Home' button. So, I was a little embarrass when the salesgirl showed me that I need to press the 'Standby' button first before pressing the 'Home' button.

So, right. Okay, I knew that! Ha ha!

I was a bit lucky, as I was afraid there will be a long queue when I reach the Singtel shop at Sengkang-Compass point.

But, in the end I didn't really had to wait that long. My sis were there before me and she told me that the iPhone was sold there and there are still a whole lot …

How to make money from eBay vids

Yeah, there's nothing much for me to talk about today. Kind of lazy. Anyway, I'm still thinking about the iPhone whether I'm buying it from Singtel or just wait till Starhub.

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Have a nice Sunday!

iPhone finally in Singapore!

Check it out!

Finally! The much-coveted item is here in Singapore shores. After, waiting for seems like eons and eons!

But, err ..I don't think I'll be getting it..just yet. He he. It's just that, only Singtel is offering it right now. Although, looking at the price and data plans, looks pretty tempting to me. I've heard that Starhub will also be offering it's own iPhone package near the end of the year. So, if, I can wait, I'll wait!

Anyway, seems like there's still a lot of issues unresolved with the iPhone right now. Although, I'm just hoping that Singapore wouldn't be having the same technical problem like the other countries. But, still, nothing beats holding the damn thing in your own hand. I'll be checking out the Singtel shops starting this 25th Aug. I wonder, if there's going to be a long line like the other countries. Singaporean are known to be 'kiasu' (i don't really know how to explain the meaning in english) so maybe…

Malaysia should open up to compete in globl market

Malaysian PM vetoes call to open university to non-Malays
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's Premier Abdullah Badawi has vetoed a call to allow other races to enrol in a university that only admits Muslim Malays and indigenous groups, a proposal which caused a furore and a student protest.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What de fck!?

What gives man ... Frankly, I'm a little ashamed as I'm a Malay myself although, I'm a Singaporean. I have a Singapore mom and my dad originally from Melaka, Malaysia.

I understand that the Malays there want to protect the Bumiputra's right. But, I think it's counter-productive. Why won't they open up the University for all Malaysians?

Malaysia, should open up. In this age of globalization and opening up to foreign markets. How are the Malaysians going to improve themselves and compete with the rest of the world?

The other day, I read that even the Malaysian soccer league are going to kick out the foreigners and instead the…

Tips on how to make money from ebay

Wassupp people. I've been thinking for a while what I wanted to write about on my blog. But, nothing compelling enough for now. Yeah, I can talk about God, religion, politics etc. But, heck there's always another day, another time right?

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Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday is today 9th Aug! Not 8th Aug ..haha ... just wanted to make it clear.

Oh Yeah, Happy birthday Singapore!

Gd nite!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to meee ..happy birthday to meee ..happy birthday to meeemeeeeeee ! Happy birthday to meeeeee !!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... why de heck i'm so happy about? I'm just a step closer to my grave ... haha ..

Well, well. 36 years of ups and down. Yeah, never thought, I'll still be alive right now. So much had and is happening right now. Not, just my world but the world around me. Such is life. It ain't over till it's over. So, I received a birthday card from one of my friend enjoying himself in London. I wonder if he's reading my blog right now. Anyway, he told me soon I'll be 40 so like they say 40 is the age that could truly change your life. And, it's up to you where your direction would be for maybe the next 25 years or so.

It makes me think. The more I think about it, the more I'm sure that there's nothing really for me to change the way I am. Cause, I've been true to myself all through this years. I might have change a bit but…

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