Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YES! Finally! Got my own iPhone!

Yes! Finally! Got my very own 3G iPhone today!

Okay, okay. I know, I should have waited till Starhub offered it since I'm already with the carrier. But, I can't freaking stop myself!

So, here it is. Some of the pictures, I took of my brand new iPhone. I haven't played with it much yet. Just, getting the hang of it. At the shop, I didn't even know how to 'On' the thing. I thought, I need only to press the 'Home' button. So, I was a little embarrass when the salesgirl showed me that I need to press the 'Standby' button first before pressing the 'Home' button. So, right. Okay, I knew that! Ha ha!

I was a bit lucky, as I was afraid there will be a long queue when I reach the Singtel shop at Sengkang-Compass point.

But, in the end I didn't really had to wait that long. My sis were there before me and she told me that the iPhone was sold there and there are still a whole lot of stocks. There were a lot people there buying the iPhone.

The whole time I was wondering if I should go to another place at Hougang Point where there are Singtel Shop too. But, anyway, glad I decided stick to Compass Point. So, finally after a half-an-hour wait, I finally got my iPhone. The whole time, I was like acting a bit nonchalant but deep inside I was freaking excited. I would have shout out loud when I finally finish the transaction. Way, cool man. I haven't felt so excited as today, just for buying a phone? Ha ha. That's what iPhone are doing to me.

What about you? Did you had the same feeling as me, when buying your first iPhone?

Check out the photos!

Heh! I bought the iPhone covers too!

Got, to protect your investments!

Ha ha!

I took all of the photos with my Nokia 6210. So, it isn't that good. But, hey, still okay hmm??

I'm still charging it. This is how it looks when it's on saving mode or 'Standby' mode. So dark and eery ain't it?

Ahh ..much better when the iPhone is on. See, all of the pre-installed icons. I don't know why, it looks so appealing to me. I just wanna kiss it!

Ha Ha. I'm not a nerd okay!

I just love tech gadgets!

Check out more photos below!

A little closer look!

All you need is touch!

I haven't yet, try the ipod. Haven't uploaded any songs or movies. But, I tried, sms-ing my other phone and it works!

They say, my Singtel line would be activated in 2 days time. But, I could already msg my other phone with a Starhub account. Hmm.. what gives. I haven't tired messaging or calling my sis and friends yet. I'll try it out maybe later. I need to save up my old contacts!

And, I'm doing it manually one at a time.

Before that? More photos!

Okay, I know. Where's the pic of the other windows? All, the pics I've taken is the 'Home' screen. Err ..I didn't realize it untill now. Ha! I'll take some more photos later on with other screens. For now, these will do.

Oh yeah. I also haven't tried the wifi or 3G connection yet. As, I say, I'm still charging it and I'm not sure I can get any wifi at this time. Anyway, there's a lot of time to try that. A lot of places I wanted to try especially at home.

I'm also wondering about the bills. How much would have it cost me by the end of the month?

I bought the 8G model for SGD$348 with the $56/mth pacakge deals. I got 200 mins outgoing calls and free incoming. I also have 500 sms.

Let's just wait and see heh?

Well, they were right. The back of the iPhone is easily smudge with your fingerprints. Lucky, I bought the iPhone covers. So, I quickly put it on. It came together with the screen cover. So, it's okay now.

I love doing the touch with the iPhone. Ha ha. Nice, feeling. And, yeah they keyboards works great!

All, you need is to confidently touch-type it. Don't worry, about mistakes and you'll be fine. I tried test-type the virtual keyboard and send myself the sms. I was pretty quick. Maybe, because, I'm used to typing on my treo. So, it seems normal to me.

I don't know bout the others but I'm cool with it.

Check out the camera. The pic taken by the iPhone is 'Okay' I guess. Too bad, they can't take video. But, I know there's software where you can use to take.

Ahhh ...this is the 2nd products, I bought from Apple. So, so far, so good. I like their design and hype!

Wish, it was a little cheaper though. I don'g have a Mac because it's too freakin expensive unlike the Pc. And, anyway, I'm afraid about the compatibility with other products.

I've been a Pc user for like so long and I tried an Apple mac before borrowed from my ex-girlfriend. Kind, of cool but, a little wierd in using it. Add, to that, it was freakin slow. Maybe, it wasn't the latest version. I don't know. But, I'm using an old pentium III right now and it isn't as slow as an old mac!

Heh heh. But, anyway, I'm just glad I finally got my very own 3G iPhone. Woohooo !! Feeling great and there are tons of things I wanted to try out with the iPhone.

I want to try the wifi and 3G connections. Also, the ipod, the virtual keyboard. Which, I'm not really having problem with. I have already tries sms-ing to some people and it already works fine. Way cool!

So, until later updates. Good night and sweet dreams!

By the way, what you waiting for? Get your iphone today!

Ha! Apple should pay me for this free advertisement!

Good night!