Malaysia should open up to compete in globl market

Malaysian PM vetoes call to open university to non-Malays
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's Premier Abdullah Badawi has vetoed a call to allow other races to enrol in a university that only admits Muslim Malays and indigenous groups, a proposal which caused a furore and a student protest.

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What de fck!?

What gives man ... Frankly, I'm a little ashamed as I'm a Malay myself although, I'm a Singaporean. I have a Singapore mom and my dad originally from Melaka, Malaysia.

I understand that the Malays there want to protect the Bumiputra's right. But, I think it's counter-productive. Why won't they open up the University for all Malaysians?

Malaysia, should open up. In this age of globalization and opening up to foreign markets. How are the Malaysians going to improve themselves and compete with the rest of the world?

The other day, I read that even the Malaysian soccer league are going to kick out the foreigners and instead the reason given that to give the local more chances of playing. Of course, some are saying it's because of money problem. Well, that could be one of the reason but really, we need foreigners to improve our own standard of football. Every soccer league in the world has them. Why can't the Malaysian League?

Back to the problem of not accepting non-Malay, non-Muslims into the University. I mean, how are they going to improve inter-racial harmony if they create this kind of segregation. I remember a verse in the Al-Quran that states that God creates man with different cultures so that they may learn about each other. Aren't they going against God wishes this way?

There's even protest by their own students. Ha! I'm just wondering what their reason could be. Are they the student themselves afraid of competition? Of losing out to deserves non-Muslims and Malays? Are they that stupid? What kind of things do they teach in this University anyway, so much so that they're afraid in losing out.

All, I know is that, only those who deserves it are able to go to Universities. I know, I'm not intellectually competent to be accepted into them. I wonder, if I was a Malay in Malaysia, can I buy my way into them. Makes, one wonder.

Anyway, click here to read more on the news update. Kind of get you thinking about the future of Malays in that country.

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