Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3G iPhone finally here!!

Playing games on the iPhone?

So, yesterday, Steve Jobs finally announced the 3G iPhone. All the rumors were true. Now, it's more cooler and can do more stuff. Although, they still say you can't take videos or even mms. What gives? Isn't this the basic essentials that we all already expected on a 3G phone? I thought, you can at least video chat on the iPhone by now. But, who knows, that could be incorparated in 3rd or 4th generation of iPhones.

But still, if even if you offer me the 1st generation iPhone, I would like snap it up in an instant. Because, it's sooooOOoo cooool!

Ha ha. Anyway, here's a video of some games which you'll be able to play on the iPhone. It's way cool. You play by tapping or even tilt the iPhone left and right as if you're driving. Wii? Check it out, you can almost do the same on the iPhone and best of all you can play it anywhere!

Boy! Can't wait for it to reach Singapore. Though, it'll only be available via Singtel. What de heck?

I'm contracted to Starhub and I prefer buying it through them. But, I don't know. I don't know how long I'll be patient to get my hand on the iPhone. Ha ha. As it is, in the U.S. they'll only be sold in July 11. Apple really knows how to make people wait and I think people will be scrambling for it by then. What's more, the price is far more cheaper then the 1st gen. Now, it's only USD$199 for the 8GB and USD$299 for the 16GB.

I think, I'll get the 8GB version. It'll be around SGD$300+ range and maybe when the 3rd or 4th gen iPhone came out, it'll be even better and I can get a better one. He he. I might just give my old iPhone to one of my nephews. Let, them play with it and show off to their friends. But, I think, since it's a little cheaper, every kids in Singapore would want it. Hey, the kids nowadays already have theirs N73, N95 or whatever. So, their parents won't have second thought in buying this $300 or $600+ iPhone.

Anyway, can't wait!

Watch the cool vid!