Saturday, November 13, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops!


Got COD:Black Ops today!

Had a bit of gameplay and I really love it!

It's a pretty interesting game play. I'm not sure why some guys don't like it. I think it's awesome!

Some, complained about the graphics but I bought the PS3 version and it looks fine to me.

I know the last couple of COD were made by Infinity Wards but for me, I think, Treyarch did reasonably well too. Okay, maybe the style a bit different. But, it's still Call of Duty and I have played Medal of Honor and Battlefield Combat 2 and I love 'em all!

You can choose to play the single player campaign, multiplayer and even defense against the zombies!

For the zombies game mode you can play up to 4 people offline. It's a blast to play with your friends or family members.

I actually thought of buying the Special editions which include the control car and medal but thought against it ha ha. It was pretty tempting but heck it'll cost around SGD$240!

Here's some more pics below:

All, in all. I'm pretty satisfied. Definitely, recommend it. So, I'm off to playing it. Enjoy, all!

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