Saturday, July 15, 2017

I crash! Forza 6 Apex night racing gameplay GTX 1060 Aftershock gaming pc

Hey guys,

If you haven't download yet the Free Forza 6: Apex at wins 10 store then download it now. It's a super intense graphic racing game and it's totally free. I love racing game and Forza racing wasn't actually one of my favorite. But, Forza 6 Apex somehow feel right!

Check out my night race Forza 6: Apex gameplay!

Of course, through the years, there's been a lot of Forza version. Forza 7 already been out for awhile. One of the Forza I like was Forza Horizon 3 in Australia. It was kinda fun and weird to be able to drive through forest, hills and even beaches!

I'm sure, everyone have their favorite Forza. I've played Forza 2 and it wasn't really to my liking. It was hard and difficult to control. Maybe, I wasn't good enough or needed more practice. Lol. That's why Forza 6: Apex seem just right.

Anyway, in this race, I actually made a mistake and crash while trying to overtake 2nd place car. I bumped into the tires wall and lose my place to 7th. I manage to crawl my way back to 2nd. Too bad, the 1st place was already too far off. But, then, it was fun!

Hope, you enjoy the vid. More other races on my channel