Acer NB SP-31-P19U 2-1 unboxing cheap laptop

Hey guys,

I bought the Acer NB SP-31-P19U two in one laptop around march. And, I'm actually typing on this laptop right now. I really love this laptop. The keyboard feel just nice although, it doesn't have any backlit light. So, forget about typing at night in the dark.

It have an 1080p HD screen which is good for watching HD movies or even youtube channel. It's screen are only 11 inch but, it doesn't feel cramp or small. Maybe, it's a personal preference. The smaller the laptop are, the more I'll like it.

Don't get me wrong, I like using a 15inch laptop too. In fact, I've just sold my 15 inch Acer laptop to my brother-in-law the other day. So, basically, this is now my daily driver laptop. Most of the time, I use it for surfing website, watching youtube and even the occasional movies.

It being small is really an advantage, and pretty light too. Put it inside your backpack and you're ready to go. It's battery could last you more then half a day. With a 500gb hdd, you can install some games and save up movies for offline watching.

Talking about games, with the hd 505, don't expect to play tripple AAA though. Some of the games, I tried playing was street fighter IV, torchlight, dirt 3 and diablo 3. Forget about diablo 3. Even, on low settings which I had use for almost for all the other games, it still sucksz.

The funny thing is, you can play starcraft on it. Although, only on low settings. But, even with low settings, they're playable and the graphic aren't that bad. This is also a fanless laptop so, watch out when you're playing games. It does get hot. Other then that, it runs fine.

It being a 2-in-1 laptop means, you can fold it and use it like a tablet. It will automatically, turn to a tablet mode and can use the touchscreen to navigate. It also have gyrometers, so you can also play games that used it. It's pre-installed with wins 10 and 4 gb of ram. Which i upgraded to 8gb of ram.

I think, every laptop should come with standard 8gb ram. 4 gb ram just doesn't cut it anymore. The first time, I used it with the 4gb ram, it sometime will hangup on me. Even for doing simple stuff like opening windows. That's why, I decided to upgrade. And, it does help for playing games too.

Here's the basic spec for the Acer Spin 1:

*11 inch screen 1080p.

*it has atom n4200 pentium processor.


*Intel HD 505.

*4GB DDR3 which i upgrade to 8gb ram.

When I was looking around for a cheap laptop, I was also looking at some other on shows but somehow, I realized, I've chosen an Acer. My 15 inch Acer aspire was pretty good in build and design too. Only certain area like non backlit keyboard really bugs me. They also have other type of Spin version. But, with the specs and price, I prefer the Acer spin 1.

Acer customer service emailed me to ask my thoughts on my Acer spin 1 and I told them, I really like it. Like the small form factor and solid build. A good 2-in-1 laptop. But, the standard 4gb ram aren't good enough. Why not backlit keyboard in this day and age and I'll prefer higher then HD 505.

If they improve on these certain areas, keep the rest form factor and also keep the price low. Then, they might have a winner. That's my take on the Acer spin 1. I'll be using this laptop for a long while yet. Hope, you guys like my unboxing vids though. Don't forget to watch it.

Good day!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

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