Atari Breakout Pac-man on Google - Pac-Man limited edition Sandals

Hey guys,

Who doesn't like playing breakout right? I've downloaded every kind of breakout game for my pc, laptop and phones. Although, I have to admit, I don't play it religiously. But, once awhile, you always get back to them and try to relive the feelings when you first started playing it.

I remembered my friend showing me, playing it at my work place in the early 90s. I had just started working in the civil service and that's where I actually learn about using a pc. Back then, they were only using wins 3.0 i think. That's also the time when i decided to buy a desktop.

I've always been interested in the computer. The first time i touch one was at a military show. They had this system setup which i assume they were using linux. Just like you see in the matrix. A text would come out and ask you questions and you'll answer it. I was literally hogging the machine. A guy was impatiently waiting for me to get off it. I was awed. It's like it's meant to be!

Anyway, remember back when you can play Atari breakout via Google search? I was thinking about it today and went about to search for it. If you type 'atari breakout google' you'll be shown couple of links and I tried the top link: and it'll bring you to the game. Check it out!

Pacman, was also one of my favorite game. And, you can play online via google search too. Here's the link . If you just search 'pacman google' you'll see the top image. Just click to play.

Well, i tried looking for 'space invaders' and I guess, google haven't done a page for them yet. It's also part of the memories when I was a kid. There're so many variations of the game today. But, nothing beat the old design and feeling.

Maybe, I'm getting old. That's why I guess, we start to think about our past. Our happy past playing all these games. I grew up going to the arcade playing all this game. Playing console games. Then when pc came, playing again on the pc. And, finally playing it on the internet.

Of course, during my early years, there weren't all these games and console. At school, we played one leg, where someone will try to catch you using just one leg. It's just you and him or her in a big circle. I was pretty good at it. Maybe, I was small back then and can easily escape. In my village, we'll play something like crickets but with sticks!

I don't see kids playing all these made up games anymore. Well, at least around my urban area. There's no more open field for them to run around, getting dirtied etc. I guess, that's a price to pay for urbanization. What's there for the children of tomorrow?

I guess, we'll see. :p

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