Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gears of War 4 Xbox One Limited edition re-unboxing!! Free GOW wallpapers

Hey guys,

Last year, I decided to buy the Gears of War 4 Xbox one limited edition. I've uploaded the re-unboxing on my channel at I still have it now and it's design is really awesome. It also came with Free Gow4. The fact, it can play the old gow for Xbox 360 was a plus!

The guy told me, it was basically the last one. Yeah, I knew, the new xbox one x was coming but, I thought what the heck?

GOW, was basically my all time favorite shooter and to get a special edition gow xbox was really too cool to pass it up. Granted, it's been on sale for like forever. The thing is, since my last xbox 360 gave me the red ring of death, I totally give up on buying the xbox.

In fact, I went to get a ps3. But, that damn thing died on me too. So, in the end, I just stick with my laptop and pc for gaming. The problem is, Gow can't be played on the pc. I bought Gow for pc but then, you can't play it on wins 10. And, now they have the updated version.

One thing, I really like is the xbox controller. Somehow, they have manage to design a controller that's really ergonomic that you can hold on and play for hours and hours. Even the sony playstation controller design doesn't feel, right.

Furthermore, the latest iteration of the xbox controller can also be used for playing games on your pc. Using, a gear of war design controller is freaking dope. They do sold separately, with different design. Get yours now!

Today, I went about searching for Gears of War wallpaper for my pc and these are some of my favorites. I've included it below. If you like it then feel free to download it. Don't forget to watch my unboxing video. Enjoy!

Free GOW wallpapers: