Somebody almost died in my arms..

Yesterday, I had a harrowing time at a bus-stop near my work place.

As, usual, I went to the food market opposites my work place to the Atm to draw some money. I was suppose to give it to my bro-in-low brother. As, I returned to the bus-stop and went up the staircase, I notice both of them weren't there. I thought, maybe, they had already taken the bus home. But, when I turn to look around I saw my bro-in-law holding his brother head who was laying motion-less on the ground. My bro-in-law called out to me for help.

I was a little surprised and walk straight to him and ask him what had happened. Apparently, his brother had suddenly fainted and collapsed. An off duty nurse was already there helping out. I think, my bro-in-law brother is lucky that the nurse alighted from the bus at the right time. She, told him to put the body sideways laying on his left shoulders. From, what I've learned before, the body position help the breathing and if there's vomiting involved then it would flow easily.

It's also important to check the breathing and if there's any blockage by the tongue or whatever. In any case, it's just isn't pure coincidental that she's there. And, a nurse at that. I've always respected nurses and their dedications to the profession. And, she proved I wasn't wrong in that.

I think, it wasn't time yet for my bro-in-law brother to go. But, really. I was already wondering if he was dead as I can see his face turning to white ghost color!

As, I put his head on my thigh, I hold his head and put my hand in front of his opened mouth and I can sense his breathing. I knew, somehow, he's going to be alright. I tried to close his hardened opened mouth but it was lock into that position. Anyway, slowly he regained a bit of consciousness and I can see him opening his eyes. Albeit a bit blur. We ask him questions and all the while my bro-in-law shouted calling his name. I think, that help too as you never know if the soul was actually moving away. If he hears a familiar voice calling out to him in time of his darkness then he will go to the voice. I think, that's also help in him coming back. We don't really know the story of a soul and beyond what we sees. So, I'm just sensing that another world was actually waiting for him on the other side. I guess, it's not his time yet.

Well, anyway. The nurse called the ambulance and when they came we decided after awhile to let him go to the hospital. Although, we think he only fainted. But, after seeing his face turned all white, it's just a safer bet to let the docs take a look at him at the hospital. I went with the ambulance and all the while answering questions about my bro-in-law brother. I told them about him having a hole in his heart and how he just recovered from an operations months before.

Later, at the hospital, we waited nearly 5 hours for him. They took a sample of his blood and it needed two hours to know the result. By the time he was okay-ed by the doctor to return home, it was already 10pm. We took the one bus 147 at a bus-stop near the area and I reached home around 11pm. I told my mom about what happened earlier.

I told her how, I thought he was going to die. But, later he turned out okay. Although, he didn't really remember what happened. In any case, we had a laugh later in the morning at work about what happened yesterday. Today, I'm just happy, that he didn't faint again!

The doc actually gave him 2 days MC and told us that maybe he didn't have enough sleep. I laugh it off as nonsense as the guy is out of work and the only thing he's been doing before working with us was sleeping the whole day!

But, I ask him did he play with the PSP during lunch time and didn't take a nap as usual and he said yes. So, my guess is, he slept late, then he didn't sleep during lunch hours and he was hungry from the smell of the clorex they were using. It does make u feel hungry. So, that could be the reason why he fainted. Then again, he has had fainted a lot of time before yesterday. So, it's not really an un-common thing for him. Only, that, after it happened in front of me, my bro-in-law and me decided it's better for him to be brought to the hospital.

All in all. It was an harrowing experience for me. And, I take it as a learning curve. I've seen before others fainted or having fits but I wasn't always eager to help. But, this time, I had to handle the situation as seeing my bro-in-law almost gone into panic. He didn't really know what to do but called out his brother name. Don't get me wrong. I'm always eager to help those in needs. But, sometime, it need to happens to the one close to you to really know what's going on. And, your reactions to it. Do you panic? Would you know what to do? These are some of the questions I asked myself sometimes, and I guess, some of the training or courses I did, do help. In a way.

Yeah, I'm just happy, I'm home safe right now. But, you never know what's around the corner, ya?

Just, make sure to be prepared for the worst that could happen to you in life and don't panic!!

Try to handle the situation in a calming way. Know, that these things could happen to anyone and at any time and in time of these you need to be in control of yourself, of your emotional state and try to look at it from the outside. Hope, for the best all the time and if not then so be it. Shit happens!

So, good day and take care of yourself. Oh yeah, try to take first aid courses. You never know when you'll need the knowledge.

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