It's a nice Sunday morning

I wake up this morning, feeling kind of happy and chirpy. My nephews are here and it's a joy to see them running around, making noises, watching my Tv and playing Playstation game on my other pc. And then, I fire-up my Firefox and what is the first thing that I see in the News?

Look below >>

UN panel gives dire warming forecast
Bangladeshi cyclone kills at least 1,723
Abuse risk seen worse as families change
Parents ordered to court for kids' shots
Palestinians demand halt to Israeli settlement expansion
Study: Groundwater lost to rising seas greater than thought

Now, just when I thought, that life is bliss. Well, yeah. On my part of the world that is. There's always something wrong happening at the other end of the world isn't it?

I think that's the cycle of life. It's a balance. On every each person that is happy right now? There will be someone else out there that's suffering at this very instance. They will be saying to themselves, "Life suck". Whereas, we are having it good. So, just remember, when you're happy, there are others out there that's having it tough. Of course, if you're feeling sad right now, there'll be others that's feeling preeeetty good!

What I'm trying to say is that, life isn't that simple. That, there's something deeper then what you perceive in life. All you have to do is look around. All you have to do is like, shut up and listen!

You can hear, a child crying, a man shout of joy, a woman last breath.

There is a promise land that promises equality.

Equality of rights. Equality of wealth and fortune. Equality in looks. Equality in gender. Equality, equality, equality!

Don't look into this world as the beginning and the end. Look at this world as a place for you to live and learn. That, this world is not the end. That this world is only a mirage. There's a ship waiting for you and others that believe and want to believe. But, there's a difference. Some people doesn't just believe but they know. They see things as what they are and not what seems to be. They didn't just use their eyes to see. But, they see things with their heart, their ears, their hands, and most important of all, their brains.

It might be a little hard to comprehend but it's actually easy. Everything can be seen right in front of your eyes. You just can see it!

Look, further and you'll find it.

Right. Think about it. For now though, I'm going Net-surfing. Woohooo!

P.S. Nothing lust it's not a typo

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