Sunday, January 22, 2012

m14x - blur racing game gameplay

m14x - blur racing game gameplay

Supp guys,

Bought myself an m14x the other day. It's damn awesome and now I can play all my fav game that I download on my pc but can't play it!

Anyway, bought this game and record via free

I can't still play Dirt 2 for some stupid reason and I don't know why the dev aren't doing anything about it. I tried updating my nvidia drivers and windows updates to no evail. I bought Dirt 3 for my ps3 though.

Check out some of the shots I took of my m14x. Love the design!

A nice charcoal black rubber-ish finish touch.

Alien eyes?

Alien head logo at the top cover.

2 usb port, ethernet, laptop lock and dvd player/writer.

Dvd player. The m11x doesn't have a dvd drive.

Love the keyboard too which I'm touch typing on right now.

Nice keyboard. The keys are well layout for gaming and typing.

The touch pad are nice and smooth. The buttons are responsive.

My keyboard set to green color. Are you green with envy yet? LoL!

You can customize the color of your keyboard, aliens logo etc.

A close up of the keyboard.

The screen is 1600x1900 native resolution.

It glows in the dark ...oooooOoo  oo..

Totally awesome. Finally, my very own m14x!

By the way, my m14x is i7-2670qm, 8gb ram, 2.20ghz, gt 555m gpu.

Check it out!

P.S. More m14x gameplay at my channel!