Rhapsody of dreamz..

Yesterday, after picking up my nephews on the way home from work. I decided to wait for my mom to get home from work at a playground nearby. Of course, my nephews agreed. Children, what else do they want but to run around, jumping and shouting as if it's the last thing they'll do?

Anyway, I remembered that I brought along my Asus Eee pc so I thought I'll try to check out if I can surf to the internet catching any free wifi around.

To my surprise, I find that there is some free wifi connection that I can use. I'm not sure where it's from but hey, if I can surf, why not?

The signal is quite strong and I manage to go to Yahoo.com and Zedge.net (just to check out if I can access the site).

Even my nephew manage to go to Hotmail windows Live and check her email. Pretty nifty. I just wonder why I can't use the wifi access from my home as it's only a couple of blocks away. Hmm.. think think. I know, I can set-up my own wireless network but I'm not sure about this wireless network stuff. I've been using cable internet all this while and I've heard from friends that they keep logged out from the internet when they surf using home wireless network.

I'm thinking of getting that 3G wireless data package. But, I want to do my research first. I want to know what it's all about before taking the plunge. If I can use 3G data network to surf anywhere with my Eee pc then I'll subscribe. For now though, I'm a little blurry about it. Anyone, out there using the 3G data wireless service? Care to comment or advice? Leave a post will ya?

Well, my nephews seems to be excited about being able to surf outdoors. Of course, they only wish to know if they can play some online games!

One of the site they visit is y8.com. It's an online flash games site. It took some time to load and we didn't manage to play any games because, the Eee pc battery was already left to 10%. Too bad, I wanted to see too if we can play flash games online using the wifi free service.

Singapore government said they'll build wifi all around the country but I'm still waiting. Right now, you can surf on some buses provided with free wifi but I haven't tried that yet. Wish, the bus I took everyday have wifi. It'll definitely be great to surf to and fro from work!

It'll be fun to be able to check your email or even play some games online on the bus!

What's more with Singapore damn traffics every morning!

Nowadays, it almost took me 1 1/2 hours just to reach my work place every morning. When it should be 45mins!

The other day, I thought the police were doing some road block because of the Mas Selamat case (a JI terrorist escape from jail) but in the end it's because of a car trouble. I don't know what's the problem was as there were two police man and a couple of people talking to each other. Heck, just one car problem and I'm late for work for almost an hour?

I think everyone should take a bus to work!

But, I think mostly it jammed every morning because of parents sending their children to school in cars instead of letting their children take the bus. Because, it seems every school holidays the road trip seems smoother?

Damn those rich kids. I hate it when I see them with their Nokia N95 or whatever. Kids, shouldn't be allowed to carry that expensive kind of phone to school!

I remembered the day when I first got my very own hand phone. I had to work for months before I can save some money to get it. Of course, that was the time when everything was black and white. No games, colors, mp3s or whatever. But, it cost me around $500 bucks!

Mobile phone nowadays have sleuth of cool features that you won't have a second thought. Kids, nowadays are having it good. Okay, I can't say much about kids in the third world country but if they knew the kind of things the kids at this part of the world are getting they'll be like, "Oh, my God!" it's a miracle!

Yeah, it's a miracle alright.

Well, anyway. Talking about miracle, I found this interesting blog from doing some searching via google. You might want to take a look. I don't know, maybe because the way he wrote it makes me read his blog. It's not anything fancy. In fact, it doesn't have any design at all. Just some posting and YouTube videos.

You should check it out. It's at your own peril though.

Here's the link below:

That's it from me. Have a nice weekend!

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