My mom hospitalized.

So, like my mom was hospitalized today. She's still in the hospital today, resting. I think she need it. She's having respiratory problem and the doctor decided that she should stay for the night at least to be observed.

Her blood taken and given some kind of oxygen mask a couple of time. When, I left her she's looking a little better and I think maybe tomorrow she'll be able to return home. Well, that's good. I'm not sure what's her problem is. She hadn't this problem before. Maybe, she's getting old. Maybe, I'm getting old too as I actually had some chest pain (lungs) too. It hurts a little to breathe but right now, it seems to be gone. I've had this chest pain a couple of time but I didn't go to see a doctor. I haven't seen a doctor for like ages. All this while, I didn't really had some bad sickness that I should go to see a doctor about. Come to think of it, that's really good. I've had friends who had cancer, tumor or whatever crap there is out there. I try to take care of myself. I try not to drink sweet drinks or any alcohol which is like, never.

I also don't smoke or go out and party hard or whatever. I drink warm plain water most of the time at work. Only at home, I drink some syrups. That's about it. As, I'm Asian, I eat rice a lot but it seems that isn't good for your health if you take too much. So, since, there's some kind of rice shortage and food prices soaring, maybe it's time to eat less and eat healthy. I guess, you could use these kind of tough times to really evaluate things in your life. Maybe, we're having it good for so long that all of us took it for granted. In time of crisis you could take it hard and give up or you could turn it around and change it to your advantage.

I think people nowadays, especially the young who grew in the MTV age really needs to learn that there's more to life then your father buying you a mercedez at your18th birthday. Teenagers nowadays are really having it good. Maybe, too good for their own bloody self. Some of them are more interested in themselves then about others. They only care what's in it for them and doesn't care less about what others their own age is going through. These kids need to be taught a lesson. They need this kind of crisis, food shortage, water shortage, money shortage to really learn what life is all about. How, others are suffering. What's it like to suffer. What it's like when you don't know how you're going to survive when food is scarce. How people have to work hard to put food on the table. They need the lesson.

The economy right now is really getting a beating. I don't pretend that I know what's going on in the world right now but, I'm just feeling that something bad is going to happen soon unless the U.S. bucks up. Maybe, they need economic, political restructuring. They are like falling apart all over the place. Maybe, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is beginning to take it's toll on the U.S.

Nothing is change in the middle east especially with the Israelis and the Palestinians. As, long as the problem is not resolved, it's going to be like a thorn that just won't go away!

It's going to be pretty interesting to see what's the future going to be like this couple of years. You don't have too look far to see that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be resolved as soon as possible. As, long as the U.S. is in both of that war it will soon get worse and unless maybe they pull-out sooner rather then later then things really going to get worse and worse. Let just see if after Bush goes things will finally change for the better. Who knows.

Only, God knows.

Peace.. everyone is taking it for granted!

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