Getting myself a new cellphone today (hopefully)

I'm planning to get myself a new handphone today. I've been eyeing the Sony Ericsson Z520i. I know, I know. To compare it with other phone it might not measure much. But, looking at all the package and my budget. I think, it will suits me fine. Anyway, I can always change to another cellphone if I want to. I just want to try this one out. It's pretty cool to me. It has Infrared and bluetooth. Easy for me to transfer any file via infrared since my laptop have one. And this handphone package comes with a free bluetooth headset.

It can play mp3, mpeg4, midi, 3gpp etc. So, it has the complete package. The only drawback is its internal memory of 16mb. Kind of a bummer. Since, you can't expand it. But, I thought to myself, I don't think I will be putting much on it so, it should be more then enough. The only thing I'm using it for is normally to play games, sms and makes call. I might play around with the video recording capability but that's about it. Anyway, it would eat up the battery much faster if I keep using and playing it. If I don't have to charge the handphone for 2-3 days. I will be happy with it.

I'm actually waiting for the 3G service and package to improve before plunging in. Some of the handphone design are so dull. And there aren't anything really interesting to warrant me to upgrade to 3G. I guess, I'll just wait till it improve on several aspects.

I think 3G will be the norm in the future. Talking to a friend in another country via video is way cool. Maybe, even MTV can be watch on our cellphone. Won't that be cool? MTV on the move!

How bout going shoppings, reviewing books on your mobile?

I know, I know some of it are already implemented but, it's still in the infancy I think. More need to be done. It's still slow and cumbersome. For now. So, I'm really excited about the future of mobile phone. Soon, it will be like the futuristic movies. Who knows? It seem nothing is impossible right now. Anything can and will happen. Just wait and see!

Okay, got to go for now. Can't wait to play with my new phone!

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