I was hospitalised

Yes! Finally, I'm home!

So, guess what? After, my mom was discharge from the hospital, it was my turned next!

It happened last Tuesday when I was getting ready for work. I sneezed twice and the second time it hurt my back so bad that I had to lay down on the floor right there. At first, I didn't want to call the ambulance as I thought, it would only be a temporary thing. But, the longer I wait, the time pass and I had to call my colleagues to inform them that I couldn't come.

Even though, I tried to wait it out laying on the floor for a couple of hours. Then, when it began to hurt so bad, my sister decided that we had to call the ambulance or it could get much worse. I relented, as my back hurts sooo much!

When, the paramedics came, they had a hard time carrying me out of my home as I keep shouting for them to stop. The way, they were carrying me it hurts too much. Once, they put a board under my buttocks and it didn't hurt finally they could carry me to the ambulance and to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital which was a little nearer to my home, I guess.

I was brought in the emergency ward and had to wait a while before a doctor came to me. All the while I had to lay on the bed trying to endure the pain that persist. I kept wondering where the doctor was and why I wasn't given any damn pain killers. Which believe you me, I really needed.

Well, anyway. The doc finally came and when I ask her where was my medicine she said that she had actually already injected me the first time we met. Well, if she had done that, I certainly needed much more!

She then promised me to give me morphine for my pain. Which she didn't. It was a little chaotic over there.

It hurts so bad, that we even had to cancel the first X-ray of my back cause I couldn't move to the other bed. That's how much it hurts. I couldn't even move an inch!

The doc actually promised to give me another injection of pain killers before my second X-ray but nobody came and since I felt a little better I manage to get to the other bed albeit greeting my teeth through the hold ordeal.

Next, I was finally warded to an available room on the 9th floor C, ward 88A. If anyone, were wondering. The first two days was a Hell-raising experience for me. I slept the whole day and keep waiting for any kind of medicine to be given to me.

I finally decided to press the alert bell and ask them about my medicine or at least to be given some more pain killers as the pain is still unbearable. It turn out that I had to be interviewed first and check for records before they can do anything. Well, through the darkness (it was already late at night), I was asked by the woman doctor about my back history. During the whole time, I didn't take a look at her as I was facing the other side. I couldn't turned to face her as it would hurt just to turn. The funny thing was I only had a good look at them during the day time and that is only on the last two days. Since, I already manage to sit-up and finally have a walk-about by then.

As, I told you earlier the first two night was really Hell for me. I had multiple back attacks and keep turning and tossing around to eased the pain. I had to press the alert bell button a couple of time just to request for more pain killers. I couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't move, I couldn't sit, eat, shit and pee. Well, I'm only able to pee on the bed with the bottle given to me by them. It was a little embarrassing. But, it was still difficult for me even to pee. As, I said, my back pretty damn hurts!

But, while I was there. I also noticed how patient and professional the doctors, nurses, students, staff and others were. Good job people! I really appreciate the kind of work they're willing to do. I was even help by one of the medical students to help me to pass motion. Yeah, I know. A little embarrassing when someone had to pull down your pants for you but hey, I can't do it myself as my back was still hurting and I'm also a little dazed after taking the medicine and the pain killer shots.

As, you can see from the pictures taken on the last day. After, the doctors came and told me I could return home if I wanted to. I took my last meal. Yes, finally, I could sit up and eat on my own. Before, I had to be fed while laying in bed like an old sick man. It really remind you how lucky you are to be able to do the 'normal' thing that we take granted for. Yes?

Anyway, if you're wondering about my back. I was told by the doctors that my X-ray scan shows that I had a slip disk on my spine and since 85% I'm okay, then I didn't need any operation. I told them that I hurt my back a long time ago when I did some gym exercise during my school time. I had hurt my back but it doesn't seem serious and since the doctor had given me some medicine and I was okay after that it didn't matters. But, through the years my back still kind of hurt but I didn't really think much of it. Only this time, it does and so finally after all this years it caught up to me. That's almost 15 years after I first hurt my back.

My MRI also shows that I didn't have any tissue or muscle tear. It was interesting to go through the tunnel. I've only seen it on Tv but finally, I was able to experience it myself. I had to stay still and close my eyes for 15-20 mins. Oh yeah, it still hurts when they transfered me to the other bed for the scan. I hate it when I had to shift beds! I'm freaking traumatized by it!

Anyway, come to think of it, I think during my earlier young days, my back had good support as I was in the army and of course physically I was in a better shape. As, you can see from my latest pics, I don't look that fitter right?

Ha! That's life. If we don't take care of ourselves then it might come back to haunt us. Think about it and take care of yourself!

That's all, for now and have a good night all. Don't let the bed bugs get cha!

P.S. Just glad I'm finally freaking home!
P.P.S. My back still hurts!
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