Mammoni: The Ultimate Mamas Boy

You might be wondering what's a Mammoni?

Well, if you haven't yet read or seen the videos by 60 Minutes. Then click here to watch it. After that, you might want to read the comments.

Most, Americans and Europeans detest the notion of a grown man living with his mom or parents. But, it's nothing really new. And, there's always two camp who either don't like it or don't think too much about it. It's not really a big deal. It's all to do with cultures really. It doesn't make you less of a man to live with your mom all your life or at least until you get married. Asian, middle east and some Europeans countries believe in a family system. Unlike, some who dumps their parents to a retirement house and leave them there to die. That kind of things are frowned upon. It's really how you see it.

It's sometime because of economical reason. It's better to leave together in a family system where you as a family can help each other in tough time. Especially, in the kind of environment we are living right now. Where else can you go for help other then your own family?

If you're saying you can talk to your friends to ask for help or whatever then you must be kidding. Friends are a dime a dozen. Out of 10 friends you know you'll be lucky if you have one to fall back on when the going gets tough. There are some things that you can ask from a friend. Like they say, blood are thicker then water. Your friends will leave you in an instant when they know you have no money, no car, no house, no job but your parent will gladly accept you back. At least, until you can get back on your feet.

I read in a newspaper today about a man who won compensation for an accident that left him disable to a tune of $1 million but his wife use it instead to get married to another man, have kids and even start her own business with her new husband. While, her disabled husband left locked inside his own house for months without anybody taking care of him. He didn't died if you were wondering.

See? You can't even trust your own bloody wife!

If only, his mother were there to help him. For his case though, his brothers came to his rescue.

Yeah, of course. Living alone do have their pluses. Like, being able to get laid every week. Living and independent life. The freedom to do anything you like. Even, walk around naked in your own home. Who cares right? Ha ha!

Well, that's why I say, to each his own. You can't judge a person because of what you believe in. You have to know that in this world there's a lot of cultures that you didn't know exist. Free your mind. Don't just believe that there's only one way to live in this world. Like GOD create man with many cultures so that they can learn from each other. Not, to fight with each other. Learn to live with each other. Interact. Widen, the way you think.

Well, anyway. I was actually going to talk about Chelsea FC today but when I watch the video about Mammoni an Italian word for man who still live with their mom by 60 Mins, I was intrigued. The comments were also interesting. Some think nothing of it while some, mostly Americans think it's kind of stupid. Well, like I said, it's just cultural division kind of views.

So, enough said!

Click here to watch the video and maybe drop your comments here or at the site. Enjoy!

By, the way. This Season Man U won the EPL championship but I believe Chelsea FC will win the Champion League! Yes!

 Good day!

P.S. Oh, yeah. I love my mama!

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