Saturday, December 01, 2007

Eee pc Reviews + hacks

As I'm interested in the Eee pc and the pre-installed Xandros (strip down version) Linux, I've been reading up on linux and hacks for the Eee. It seems interesting to me and the instructions is pretty simple. Well, most of it anyway.

If you do a search on Google or Yahoo or whatever your favorite search engine is you'll find a whole lot of links. I found a link reviewing the Eee pc which includes a couple of hacks you can do or try. Click the link below to read up >>

And guess what? Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting, tomorrow I'll be going out to meet my supplier to get my very own Asus Eee pc!


I'm so excited. I wish I can go and meet him right now. But, it's already 11 pm at night. So, we decided to meet tomorrow around 12 in the afternoon. I think he thought of us meeting at Sitex but, I'm a little eager to get that Eee and play with it. I've read up on so many ways to hack the system that I'll be spending the whole Sunday meddling with the thing.

First thing first, I'll check if I can surf with my broadband. Next, I'll try if I can find any wifi near my area and try to get connected. I think, I'll be bringing it to work on Monday to try and get connected using the in-built wifi. There's so much I want to do!

It will be great if I can take a few days off from work and stay at home to test the Eee. I can do that, but I won't. Heh. Pretty tempting.

Okay, then. Can't wait for tomorrow. I don't think I can sleep! Too freaking excited!

If all goes well, maybe I'll post some pics or videos or whatever. There's so many Youtube videos demo about the Eee pc. Thought, I'll do something different. I've already got some plan. We'll see.

So, till tomorrow!