Sunday, November 02, 2008

Download Google Chrome and Google Earth Today!

So today, while searching for new updates on "iphone FPS games" on Youtube, I saw a link to try out Google Chrome, Google shiny new browser. I must say, my first impression was it looks so brand new!

It's like buying a new gadget for me. LoL. It has a nice blue color and everything seems 'zippy'. Well, I'm currently using the Chrome to type today's post. So far, so good. I have actually read about it on But, didn't really think of trying it out until today. I'm already using Firefox and didn't think any other browser is better then it. But, what de heck. Since, I'm feeling a little curious today, why not download it right?

Also, at the same time, I downloaded the latest Google Earth. Like the Chrome, I've heard about it but wasn't that interested to try it out until today. I guess, today is like Google day for me, huh?

Anyway, Google Earth is way cool man. You should definitely check it out, if you haven't that is. I like it. I tried it out just now and it's definitely accurate. Or almost accurate?

Lucky, they didn't have any camera out there or you can actually see me half-naked right now, typing this post. Ha!

I'm actually waiting and wondering if I can get it on my iPhone. I know in the U.S. version of the iTunes you can already download it, but, I can't find it on my Singapore iTunes store. Bummer. I love this cool software. It's better then the Google map on the iPhone right now. And, it seems more fun to be able to look up your local road or check out italy on my iPhone!

Can't freaking wait to download it for my iPhone. Yeah, told you I love my iPhone so much!

Well, I'm off to try out Google Chrome and Google Earth. You should too!

Download it and try it out now!

Have a fun Sunday!


P.S. It definitely feels the Chrome is much faster then Firefox writing and posting this post.