Am i an iTunes/iPhone addict?

Top paid apps on the App Store

First off, Singapore is in a recession. Click here to read news. Although, personally, I'm not feeling the heat, but I read about it almost everyday in the papers. I did work in an American company before where they laid off some workers and although, I was new there and they were saying I was safe but when some of us was being called to be told about the laying off, I did feel a little nervous. But, that was almost 10 years ago. Since, then, I've been in and out of jobs. I can't seem to stick to a job long enough. I got short attention span and I get bored doing the same job. Life is too short eh?

Anyway, besides the economy, I think I have another personal problem and that is I'm turning into an iTunes App store addict. LoL. Everyday, when at work and at home, I keep surfing the iTunes App store for new apps especially the game section. I can't stop myself. Although, my 3G iPhone is already loaded with lot of games, I still want more!

I have already spend almost $300++ ($200 in the first month of getting the iphone!) buying games through the App store. I can't freakin' stop myself. Okay, the games might not match the DS lite and PSP but I'm still hooked to it. Even though the new PSP-3000 is on sale (is it already?) and there are tons of games but I prefer my iPhone. You can't really blame me. I think because, I bring my iPhone everywhere. Even, to the toilet! Ha ha. There's so much you can do on the iPhone. It's not just for games but, you can surf, search, read news, check your email, listen to music, watch movies, videos and so on. It's an all in one device and so far, I'm really satisfied with it. It really hadn't disappoint me in any way. Okay, maybe you still can't MMS, bluetooth files or take videos. But, I didn't really miss it. But, I do hope on that side they would offer it in the 3rd gen iPhone and beyond. I'm pretty sure, the iPhone will be improved upon more every year. It's already a powerful device right now!

One kind of game I'm still waiting for the iPhone is the FPS 0r first-person-shooter kind of game. Like the one for the game console of course. There's a couple, coming on the iPhone, but so far there's no latest updates. I read somewhere that it's coming this November. We'll see then. I really hope, the FPS on the iPhone is the kick-ass type of FPS. Then, it will really raise the standard of the iPhone as a gaming platform. Yeah, the cute puzzle and flying games is fun for the iPhone. But, only an FPS kind of game will really draw the hardcore gamers to the iPhone. Not, sissy games!

Add multiplayer capabilities to it and voila!

You'll then see hordes of gamers on the train, buses, school, gardens, cars and don't forget the toilets! LoL!

'Nuff said. I have already surveyed the iTunes Apps store a couple of times today. I'm going to have a look again, see if there's any new updates. He he!

Hmm.. maybe, I AM an iTunes or iPhone addict!

See ya all later!

Top paid apps on the App Store

P.S. Is there a clinic for the iPhone addict out there?
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