Download FREE online fps shooters!

Download FREE online fps shooters!

Okay, okay. The world is in turmoil right now. Everybody is on edge and money is a concern nowadays. What with the U.S. banks going bankrupt or maybe soon the U.S. itself is going bankrupt?

Billions of dollars being spend on the never ending "war on terror". Baaahhh humbug! Could this be the work of the 'economic terrorist' you say?

Definitely not! It's the work of 'investor terrorism'!

Well, anyway. I'm not going to talk about the war on the economic front today. I'm not the expert on world economics. But, I'm going to recommend you some cool and anger-venting-first-person-shooter (shoot the wall streets financial adviser?) games. You can play it online or offline in a multiplayer set-up. And best of all? It's totally FREE!

Last week, my sis let me keep her brand new Dell pc with the core 2 duo processor. So, of course, I search the whole of the internet to see if I can find any free FPS shooter game to download and play!

I found a couple and boy, now, I'm hook!

Note: Some of these games I like because, I was able to download it quite fast and also having no problem playing it. The pc I'm using is Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @2.20GHz 1.18GHz, 1.96GB of RAM. So, if you can't play it, don't blame me and maybe you need a new pc? He he!

Download FREE online fps shooters!
Here's a list of my favorite FREE FPS single/multiplayer shooter games:

  1. F.E.A.R Combat Multiplayer - My TOP free favorite first-person-shooter game! I like F.E.A.R multiplayer because it's free, it's fast and it's addicting! Download it, install and play. Doesn't get easier then that. By the way, the graphics and sound is like scary ambient. It's a great experience.
  2. AssaultCube - A fast and fun first-person-shooter. I like cube and Assault cube. As always, because it's free and fun. It got single player and also multiplayer. They have lots of players and servers.
  3. Cube Engine Games - Click to go to this main Cube website and from there you can download Cube, Cube 2, AssaultCube. All the games are based on the Cube Engine. Don't worry it's free and fast to download. You'll be up playing in no time!
  4. Warsow - Another great free FPS. The graphic is a little cartoonist and freaking' bright orange and purple! But hey, as long as it's free and fast to download and play? Check it out!
  5. - A free open-source first person shooter. It's fast, immense, intense and did I already said it's free? Click the link to go to the main website and check out the graphics, videos and much more!
  6. AlienArena - Shoot Alien in this fun multiplayer first person shooter. You can play it online and offline too. Great fun! Check out the site for more info eh?
  7. - On this site you can download Urban Terror 4.1 FULL (.EXE). I just freakin love this game. The graphics are superb and the gameplay are fast and furious. If you haven't try it out yet then visit site to download. Can be a bit slow to download but worth the wait!
  8. - The maker of Quake and other FPS which also includes Quake Arena Demo. So far, I've download Quake Arena, Quake 4 multiplayer demo (latest) and able to play the single/multiplayer online/offline Death match (DM) games. It's still load of fun though. Click to visit main site.
  9. Croteam - Get Serious! - Dev site for Serious Sam Series. To download the demo Click here to go to Cnet
Of course, there's more out there but, for now, these are some of the free online fps shooters that I manage to download and play online and offline. There's a few that I didn't download or did download but, for some stupid reason I can't play it. So for the moment, if you haven't heard or played these games yet then shoot away!

Have fun,  download first person shooter games!

Play these great free FPS games in this dark, gloomy, recession days. Enjoy!

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