Friday, November 28, 2008

India Under Terrorist Siege

So, Mumbai became like a war zone. Suspected, Al-Qaeda Pakistan-link terrorist lay siege. Frankly, I was thinking the same kind of strategy that the terrorist should have used years ago. But, I guess they were into suicide bombing kind of thingy. Just like the Palestinians suicide bomber?

Now, that same kind of strategy is maybe planned by Al-Qaeda for the U.S. But, I would have guess that they would do it during President Bush administration. I'm not sure if it will happen during Obama presidency. But, who knows right?

By the way, don't take my word for it. I'm not a counter-terrorist expert or someone who can forsee and prophecise thing or whatever. Only, that, if you put yourself into the terrorist shoe, you might began to know their way of thinking and maybe what they'll do next. I'm sure they're already planning something. But, what?

For one thing, they'll think outside the box. They aren't stupid. They, will plan, and do recon and become a sleeper etc. waiting for the right moment to strike. They might use the U.S. own weapon againts them. That's what they're good at. Use the things around you to hurt your enemy. But, I guess with the world economy on the decline started by the U.S. sub-prime, they'll be a bit happy about that.

Things have been a little quiet right now in the U.S. NOT because of whatever the security apparatus are doing but because, the Al-Qaeda are retreating and consolidating whatever resources it have right now. Remember, in war, just because your enemy is retreating doesn't mean that they're losing. They might be setting up a trap!

These days, it's not the time to let your guard down. The world are currently in financial turmoil. Thailand are in a political conundram, and India just laid siege. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan seems to have no end and what can I say about the middle east crisis that we all doesn't know about?

Baaahh ..the world just can't stop destroying itself ya?

But, back to the India siege. I see that they're totally tactical and well planned. That of course against the backdrop of India incompetency in combating the terrorist?

If you want more in-depth look on this then click here to read an article in Forbes.

Got to go right now. Be safe and have a great weekend.