Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cube FPS for iPhone-FINALLY!

Cube FPS for iPhone! 

So, guess what?

Finally, Cube is available on the iPhone after what seems like eternity waiting for Apple staff to approve it. I don't know what's the problem were but I'm just glad that it's finally available and of course I download it immediately after reaching home!

Info posted on TouchArcade Forum: Click here.

A bit of a warning though. Don't expect the game to fly right off. Those, that had download it and try it out complain about the poor frame rate. Poor control and they definitely hate the music. 

For me though, besides the frame rate I don't have any beef with the control or music. I'm just happy I can play an FPS on the iPhone, finally!

But, the developers are talking about an update version 1.2 that will improve the frame rate and so, I'm pretty sure the game play will be greatly improved. What's more, others developers can learn from this Cube port and create better game, with better control etc. I can't freaking wait!

Now, I don't know why some people keep saying that the FPS type of game is not suitable for the iPhone. That's totally hogwash, and Cube is an example of that.

Well, anyway, for the moment Cube is free for the iPhone so why not try it out?

Just go to iTunes and look for Cube. Check out the video above!


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