Are you a computer illiterate?

I decided to write about being pc literate today, because I was thinking as much as we think that computer is everywhere and we take for granted that everyone supposedly know how to use one but that it's not so!

I know, because I myself have a couple of friends who still doesn't know anything about computer. Although, they do ask me questions about it once a while. Some, though doesn't bother and think it's just a waste of time. Well, to each his own. I don't count myself as an expert but after using a computer for almost 10 years I guess I know that much.

Nowadays, my only interest in using the pc is for surfing the net for info, games, money-making etc. Of course, there's so much you can do with a pc for work and play and everywhere you go, you see them. Around the world, people use it to connect to each other, to learn about other cultures, reading the latest news and what have you. I guess it depend on your mindset, if you think it's of no use then you won't think about learning it. Kids in school nowadays though are more eager to learn then the adults. I know, children love it because it's something new to them and they can learn fast. My nephews between the age of 7-11 are already playing with my laptop albeit playing games but for me it create interest for them to learn how to use the mouse, about the internet, or learning to use words.

In some country though, we know that there are children that doesn't have the luxury of dabbling with a pc of their own. It's expensive even for their parent to afford. There are people and associations that try to help cater to these needs but resources are limited etc. You know the drill.

That's why I'm saying that even though using the pc is second nature to us but for others it's just a new learning experience. If you have the chance to learn and teach the basics to using a pc to others then do it. Oh yeah, to those of you who think learning to use a pc is just a waste of time then you don't know what you're missing.

That's it from me for today...

Happy learning and Chiowzz!

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