Money politics?

Today, I went to just to check out if I can sign-up for the progress form. Everybody was saying you can do it only on 1st April. But, I found out that starting today people can already go to the website and sign-up. So, calling all singaporean ..Go go go!

Since then, I've calling, sms-ing everyone about it. But, I think you can only apply online starting today and for the rest of the method i.e. Atm, Singapore post you still have to wait till 1st April. So, too bad for those who doesn't have a computer or internet access!

Also, everyone been saying it's all politics and the government are just doing it at the right time since, the elections are coming soon!

I say screw it. As long as the people benefits and I have my cash I'm more then happy. Anyway, if you look around in other countries, you will realize and be thankful that we have a stable and safe country. Nice sunny weather. No riots, no unruly protest. In fact, it could be a tad boring. But hey, it's really up to you to enjoy and have fun!

Of course, we must never forget the less fortunate and singapore do have. Some people say singapore is a rich country, if that is so, I would already bought myself a new laptop!

I remembered when I went to KL (Kuala Lumpur) for a short holiday the taxi driver ask me if I was a singaporean and what kind of work I was in. He keep saying to me that Singapore people have a better paying job and have more money then the average Malaysian. I say, no, that isn't always so. We aren't born with money on our lap. We still have to work hard to earn our keeps!

Even my relatives seems to think so too!

They think I have a lot of money in my bank account!

What do they think I do? Print money all day long?

Geez, I don't know where they get the ideas that we are filty rich!

Anyway, that's how it is over here. But, life goes on ...

That's it for now ..chiow!

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