Sunday, January 02, 2011

Abs Workouts Core Exercises For Back Pain - Free Report!

Abs Workouts Core Exercises For Back Pain.

Hi guys,

When I was young, I used to have 6 pack abs. Ahem...

Well, the keyword here is used to. Slowly, when I got older, I got lazy and that 6 packs became into one big lump of fats. LoL!

To make matters worse, a couple years back, just from one nasty sneezing, I got a freaking split disc!

I think, I've posted pictures of me at the hospital wearing some kind of back holster or something. I'll look it up on my blog. Yup, search through my old post and got it here.

Anyway, the back specialist chiropracter ask me to do a special routine everyday and gave me an open date meaning, I could always come back to her if I have any problem with my back.

I also asked her if I could do any kind of abs workouts with my bad back. But, she advised against it.

Until now, I still can't do heavy lifting or even bend over too long or it'll strained my back.

I did do some research on the internet for abs workout tips. Especially, for someone with bad backs. That's where I chance upon this site.

A site not just for training 6 pack abs but also for athletes and clients with back pain and rehab needs. It's core and much much more!

I think, if you have bad back problem like me, then this professional trainer might be able to help you.

Right now, he's offering a Free report on Stubborn fat solutions.

The Free reveling report answers some of the question like, What is Stubborn fat, do you have it, how it affects your fat loss and how to rid your body of it.

If you're interested, just Click here for more info!

That's all from me then.

Take care and train that abs!

P.S. Not just an abs workout - Its core and much more. Core exercises for back pain. For athletes and clients with back pain and rehab needs. Click here for more info!

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