Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Getawebsiteongoogle.com - Cocoatouchprogramming.net - Softwareforcopy.com

Supp guys,

Just updating that I bought 3 domain name from godaddy. Still, doing the server updating thingy. I'm also still updating the sites anyway. Been, busy the whole day. Maybe, this few days gonna set things up.

Have a look at the site @
  1. http://getawebsiteongoogle.com - Learn a simple way to get your site on top of google page rankings.
  2. http://cocoatouchprogramming.net - All about cocoa touch programming especially for iphones, ipad, itouch etc.
  3. http://softwareforcopy.com - Software for copy all your games, dvd videos, mp3 etc.
Check it out and good day!

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