Sunday, January 02, 2011

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust - iPhone Games of the Year 2010!

Well, I received a forum post update on one of the old classic FPS, AlienMangle by PHART GAMES today in my email. One, of the earliest FPS for the iPhone 3G that I've bought way back in 2008, I think. It's still on sale and it's still one of the best FPS by an Indy iPhone programmer that I've played on the iPhone. Even, my bro-in-law said that he like the guns sound effects when I played the game. You should check it out. Oh, did I told you that, I've got my face in it as a Zombie? He he!

Also, at the front page today at is an article about the best game of 2010 and they have chosen  Space Miner: Space Ore Bust by Venan Entertainment, Inc.

I put up the video gameplay above. I haven't play it before but looking at the video makes me wanna buy it. LoL!

Well, thank GOD, I've sold my 3G iphone last year. If not, I'll be buying games non-stop!

I'm becoming too addicted to the app store. But, I do plan to get either iPhone 4 or 5 next year. I simply love the iPhone. Did, I post about selling my Blackberry bold last year too?

Both, of this phone are the only phone I like till now. I like the blackberry because of it's addictive keyboard. But, don't really like the apps and games. The online store sucks and as a Singaporean, I can't freaking buy or download anything!!

That's why I prefer the iPhone. That's what, Apple got it right for me. I love browsing through the iTunes store for latest app and games. Although, too bad, I still can't buy movies or music. I can't even download the podcast, unless, I go to the U.S. versions. Kinda stupid.

I know, they got all the stupid regions license problem. But, in this age where people are buying and selling on the internet. There should be no border!!

Well, anyway. I've talk too much. So, check out Space Miner: Space Ore Bust by Venan Entertainment, Inc. and happy thumb twiddling!

P.S. Download Space Miner: Space Ore Bust by Venan Entertainment, Inc. today!
P.P.S.Download AlienMangle - PHART GAMES!
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