Do you gamble?

Do you gamble?

No, I don't mean gambling as in playing pokers or buying lotto etc. I mean, in life do you gamble? Do you take risks? Do you care about consequences of what you do? In the decision you makes. Do you prefer playing it safe and work a 9-5 for example. You, prefer to be safe working in a job you hate. All for the sake of your family? Or your wife and children?

Have you ever thought that if you knew you would not fail what would you like to do? Go travel the world? Start your own business? Go bungee jumping? Have you ever thought that you are mising something in life? That you aren't where you want or wish to be.

You know, we only got one chance in life. We all die. One way or another. So, why can't we follow our heart and be free from circumtances. Free from all the rules of life and just do whatever it is that you want? Really, there's no one right now that would know what you want in life and can give you but yourself.

Think through, and think about yourself. Ponder, what is it that you haven't achieve and really like to achieve it now. Go for it and never give up. Live the life you want to live and be free. Be the person you wish to be and not what others wish you to be. You are you and noone else.

Be free....

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