Sunday, September 04, 2005

Schumacher and Ferrari falters this year F1

Well, just finish watching the F1 race in Italy today on Tv. Again, schumacher the reigning F1 champion falters. It's not really Ferrari year. Even Barichello isn't doing that well. And he's even quiting Ferrari and joining another team next year. I guess it would be good for the F1 in the end as schumacher and Ferrari have been winning easily the past years. Now, we have Alonso and Kimi Raikonen coming up. It's between this two drivers and by the end of this year F1 season we will know who will take over to become the champion.

Kimi Raikonen did well today, he pushes himself and his car to the limit to win 4th place. He had to start from way back in position because they have to change the car engine. In the beginning Alonso was doing well and winning the first few races but Kimi Raikonen after going through nightmares with the car are now beginning to show championship driving. I'm pretty sure, he'll take over Schumacher to become one of the greats F1 car champion. I'm pretty sure of that. He has the winning mentality. With his ice cold look, he's almost the same as schumacher with cold hard work ethics. If you had watch today's race you will understand what I mean.

Well, sunday is almost over. Tomorrow, will be monday and a new day. Looking forward to it..

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