Can you hear the people screaming in their grave?

Let me ask you a question. What if one day, you can hear people screaming in their grave? Would you be frightened? No, it's not the screaming of people being mistaken as dead and suddenly found themselves inside a grave. They are already dead, but they are screaming because, the angel were beating them and keeping asking them, "Who is your prophet?", "What is your religion?", "Who is your GOD?". Of course, these people can't answer them because, when they were alive, they didn't believe in prophet, or GOD, or the end of the world etc.

They only want to believe what they see and hear. What's in front of them. They believe that they are the superior being. That man control the universe. That earth were formed by "accident" when the "Big Bang" happened. For these type of people, they call themselves "realist" whereas they don't really know what is "real". They want to see and touch to believe. They don't believe in ghost, the afterlife, beings beyond that our "real" eyes can see. Their eyes are veiled from seeing the truth. What is the truth? The truth is all around us. The facts is all around us. But, in the end though, "faith" is not a matter that I have the right to talk about. Because, it's a "gift" from GOD. I keep repeating it to those "disbelievers".

Really, it's non of my concern in what you want to believe. I know what I believe and have faith in. What you do with your life is up to you. GOD, gave you brain to think. Eyes, to see the truth. If you really want to see it. Life is not about beer and bacon. If it's about that then your life is really useless and you might as well commit suicide because really if you don't believe in the existence of GOD then you don't deserve to exist in this world. If you believe that there's no afterlife then why don't you just kill yourself and see if it's the truth?

When you die, you will realize that GOD do really exist and you will have to anser to HIM why you don't want to believe in HIM. Then, you will reply to GOD to give you another chance and let you return to earth and you will believe in HIM. But, even if you are returned back to life you will still REFUSE to believe in HIM because that's really the kind of person/human beings you are. You will NEVER believe in HIM!

Eternity in Hell ain't pretty. You had better think things through and open your eyes. If you study man history. If you study the holy books you will realized that religion is not a myth. It's full of warnings, lessons from the past. But, no matter what, there will always be disbeliever. Again, it's not really any of my concern. You can believe what you want to believe. Every man will answer for himself and that includes me!

If you think life on earth is tough, you ain't see nothing yet!

Salaammm...heaven awaits...

P.S. If you don't have brain to think? Use your kidney!

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