1 more week and a half...

1 more week and a half, the holy month of ramadhan will end. 1 more week and I'll complete a whole month of fasting. I didn't miss a single day of fasting. Although, it was kind of tough in the beginning, especially the feeling of thirsty but after a week it became easier.

Next month, the hindus will celebrate their Deepavali. A day later, Muslim all over the world will celebrate 'aidil fitri. The good thing in my country is, because the approximate holidays are so closed together we took the opportunity to visit each other house and be merry. It goes to shows that even people of different religions can get along. I don't know about other countries and other cultures but in singapore we have been living peacefully for so many years it's become second nature to us. Recently, though, 2 idiot (chinese kids) who obviously didn't study history about racial riots between chinese and malays put up rubbish on their blog (about malays and Islam) and was caught, tried in courts, Fine and jailed for trying to incite religious violence.

Now, I'm not saying, that chinese and malays can't get along. In fact, I have many chinese friends and we get along fine. But, some idiots are so stupid that they don't understand what life in singapore is all about. Good thing our government doesn't condone this kind of stupidity and gave a harsh penalty to those people who don't know better. Anyway, since then, all is back to normality. In fact, I didn't notice anything amiss when talking to any chinese that I met on the street. We talk as if nothing had happened. That's how strong the bond between singaporean as a people. It's like pinching your right arm and the left arm will feel the pinch. So, anyone trying to incite racial hatred etc. They are just wasting their time!

Think about it...

Happy Fasting!


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