Are you a latino muslim?

I saw this piece of news from one of the blog I visited today >>

about latino women converting to Islam. I supposed, inspite of all the bad press Islam is receiving some people or races can still see the good side of Islam and converts. It's all the Will of GOD.

Really, Islam is for all races and beyond all boundaries. Islam is not all about 'jihad' and terrorism. Islam is not about bombing other "non-muslims" or the infidels. That kind of 'jihad' has long gone. The prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) conquer Mekah without killing or destroying even a plant. The biggest 'jihad' to him is against oneself.

I think if the "terrorist" use patience and wisdom instead of committing to suicide bombing which will only destroy the good name of Islam they can "win their war". I say that they are fighting "their war" because, they are certainly not fighting in the name of Islam. But, I guess this is only part of the "Big picture" that will come in the future that we are all waiting. And that is the end of the world. We are all waiting...

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