5th, Oct, 2005 start of the Muslim fasting month

Well, tomorrow, muslims in singapore, brunei, indonesia will start fasting 'till 3rd Nov 2005. I will try to post here when time permits. I pray that all muslims all over the world well and be one in doing our duty. If some of you can't fast for health reasons or whatever hope that you will still respect the holy month. In Iraq, the syiah and the sunni, please remember we serve ONE God. We are One people. Regardless of race, tribes etc.

We are still under one religion, under one God. There's no difference from other muslims or you will deviate from the true path of Islam. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is our last prophet and like when he unite the people who travel from Mekah with the people of Medinah into brothers and sisters in Islam. So are you to unite with muslims all over the world. See, how the people in Mekah who came from all over the world pray in only ONE direction facing the kaabah. Please be good to your fellow muslims. Respect each others as brothers and sisters in Islam.

I'm writing this because, you can see for yourself that muslims nowadays are only concern about their family, tribes, country etc. Whereas we are all under one GOD, under one prophet so why can't we stick as one people?

In any case, the holy month of ramadhan is a month where GOD himself will look at our deeds. Good or bad. It's time for contemplation. Time for dignity. Time for solace and peace. Time to complete our duty.

May GOD grant you lailatul qadr...salaam...

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