How's the weather?

Crap, where's Owen!

Why didn't he score! Yesterday match Liverpool beat Newcastle 2 - 0. What a bummer!

But, the good news is Chelsea won their match to beating Fulham 3 - 2. Yes!

It was a close fight but hey, I got the feeling chelsea let them score to make the game more exciting!

Everyone are scared of playing chelsea right now and all they do is defend, defend and more defend!

Only the other top team are not afraid to challenge chelsea and dare to attack. That's where the fun begin.

Anyway, these past few days. The weather seems so crazy. In the morning it will be sunny then at noon it start to gets cloudy and then it rain and rain ...and more rain!

It's the same throughout the month. Hope, the coming year will have more sunshine. But, as far as I can remember it's always raining. I only like rain when I'm at home cosy and dry. Not, when I'm working. I simply hate it!

Unless, of course if you're working inside a building. You won't care if it rain unless it's almost time to go home. Yup, that's the weather for you. Why does it seem to rain when you DON'T want it rain? I guess, it's GOD way of testing my patience!

Haha. Anyway, that's it for now ...yes's going to be New year! Ole ! Ole ! Ole!

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