My uncle died yesterday

At 5:45 am Sat, my mother called me. She was on her way to work when her nephew called her to inform that her brother is dead. I just slept at around 3am chatting online that night. So, although I was feeling a little groggy I took a bath and together with my mom we went to my uncle's house.

When I reach there I could see part of my uncle body on the bed covered with batik's cloth. It's our tradition to cover a dead body with it. There were some relatives already there watching over the body and saying prayers. It's not good to leave a dead body alone. This will be the time when the 'other world' will be a bit chaos. Some people who read this will know what I'm talking about. The doctor came and check the body to confirmed that my uncle is dead. Then my uncle's son followed the doctor for the certification letter.

I would also know that my uncle's soul could be around watching all the things that is happening to his body. My brother came a bit later and my mom and I decided to wait for my sister and her husband before we go down and have our breakfast. It's customary that the deceased families don't serve anything to their guest. It's to avoid giving trouble to the already sad day for the family.

We were all waiting for the caretaker to come clean and bathe the body. I watch and help bathe the body. After the body is wrap with the white cloth the body is laid down and we held a prayer for the dead body. The caretaker lead the prayer and gave a little sermon about the day's happening giving advice and a little warning about the afterlife. The wrap face of my uncle was then open and everyone could see him for the last time and pour some powder around his face and gave him a last kiss on his forehead. I almost couldn't hold back my tears after kissing him on the forehead for the last time. I could felt the sadness of the family around me and I cried a little tears for them too.

The body is then carried and put inside the metal casing to be brought to the muslim's cemetary at chao chu kang. It took around 45 mins to reach the place and the grave was already prepared. Slowly, the body was then carried out of the van and laid down the grave with 3 brothers of the deceased inside the grave and some men including me at the top to help bring down the dead body. I could felt the soft body under my hand and I realized how dead the body is.

Again the haji (caretaker) gave a little surmon about life, about the children, about the young to use the little time we have to good used. As we know, life is like a journey and we will all return to Him sooner rather then later. I felt good for the day and realized how important our family is. Even though, we might have our differences. Mankind should leave in peace and remember that life is short. It's no use fighting over trivial matters as life is too short to waste our time doings useless things.

Yes, it took my uncle's death to realize it all. In the end though, it's really up to us and when we are dead life as we know it will end and a new beginning in the afterlife will encertain what we will end up with. It's really a frightening thought. Imagine, after you are dead, there will be no return. No regret. Your deed's on earth will either help you in the afterlife or it will be your downfall. I know my uncle is out there experiencing all that we are taught in Islam. And my time could be next. It could be the next seconds, minutes, hours, days or night. You never know when you will be next. So, use good of what little time you have. We always forget. Manking always forget. That's why some believe and know there is afterlife and GOD. But, some men forget. They forget their promised to God before they were born to this earth. They forget that they will return.

In short, it's either hell or heaven dude and dudeds and don't you forget it.

Come to think about it, my uncle death could be a good sign and experience for me. I realized what I have forget about the true meaning of life. May I never forget... amin.

Peace to all...

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