It's going to be 2006 soon!

Yes, it's going to be 2006 soon. Soooo, what have you been doing the past whole year? Has it been a good year for you? Made any money? Save any money? Started a family of your own? Got a girlfriend or boyfriend?

You know, every year would be the same for you if you haven't done anything different every year. If you're stuck doing the same routine, the same job, the same mistakes or haven't done anything that you had set out to do then you have just wasted a year of your life. A year of your life that would never come back. Maybe, it's time you go forward in your life. To try to achieve something in your life that is at least better then the year before. This is to avoid wastage of the time you're given on earth.

For me, philosophycally, I always try to do things that I had always wanted. I don't like to be tied down at work. I don't like to be tied down by time. I do what I want and I do what I like. I don't care what others thing of me. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't listen to advice given to me. I take the bad advice and let the rubbish fall deaf to my ears. I don't care what others think what I should do with my own life. Hey, we all live once so live the life you want to live and not what others or circumtances want you to!

Well, I pray for a good year in 2006 and if not I will hope for a better year the next 2007!

As long as you're still alive you can do anything you want. Remember that. No regrets!

So, think about what kind of a year has it been for you in 2005 and look forward for a better year in 2006 and beyond!


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