Monday, December 08, 2008

Metallica | ‘All Nightmare Long’

Metallica | ‘All Nightmare Long’

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So, like check it out. I discover this site via iTunes podcast which I subscribe. It showcase music videos of Metal bands that will totally blow you away. Some of them are "live" recordings of up-and-coming band. Some, you already know. But, in all, if you are a metal head then you should definitely visit this site. I like watching their video podcast on my ipod and iPhone. Sometime, instead of watching the videos I just close my eyes and listen to the kaleidoscope of music banging on my ears. Yeah, I like metal music. It remind me of me!

If you want to subscribe to their podcast via itunes then just type UVTV and it will show up. Easy!

You can also definitely visit their main site at

Meanwhile enjoy the video from Metallica!

Got it from uvtv of course!

'till then..keep banging those head!