Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Damn it...where did my idea go!

Sh*t! Where the heck did my idea gone to!

Ahh.. now I remember back what I was going to write about on today's post. Here goes..

The other day, my gf told me that she did a search on my name via google search engine. She found a host of sites that I had created to promote some of my online biz. I told her, I already knew you can do that. I've tried it before. Out of curiosity I tried typing "fauzi", "mohammad fauzi" and "mohammad fauzi taib" and a whole list of websites with the same name came out. I look for links to my own site and found a few. I was hoping that a link to my blog would appear but far from it. But, I found a link back on some sites that I have either leave comments or whatever.

To me blogging is useful way for us to promote our site. I used to put articles on my biz sites and I received a lot of targeted visitors. Then on, I realized that the more you write the better your chances of getting your site listed higher up on googles, yahoo, msn etc.

As you know people type in keywords to find sites on these search engines. Hence, if your blog have words that are related to the keywords type, it'll be shown to them. If they're interested, they'll click the link and visit your blog. That's how you get people to visit your site or blog!

Sometime, I post articles or advertisement promoting others products or services. This article and ads have certain "keywords" that are related to what they are selling. I put them here to get my blog listed in those search engines too. I can create a splash page to put this articles but now I prefer to put on my blog as quick content. If I have something to write about, I'll write, if not I just post whatever I can find or anything I wish to promote. If my visitors like what they see, they'll click the links to the main site and order. I got paid my commissions and everybody is happy.

Isn't blogging fun!?

Why don't you try do a search of your own name on these search engines and see what'll come up. You'll be surprise at what other individuals with the same name are doing! It might be kind of scary and wierd. But, if you have nothing else to do? Why not!

C yer!

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