Monday, August 22, 2005

A little marketing tip...

Here's a little marketing tip for you internet marketers out there.

Recently, I receive an email asking for help about this product/service that I was promoting. Actually, he didn't bought the product from me. But, he needed help and the people that he had paid to didn't reply to his email. First, I don't know why this seller don't want to reply to their customer emails asking for help. I guess, they're only interested in selling and making money!

Me, ehem..being a good samaritan are always happy to help someone even though they're not actually my customer. So, I reply to his email asking which program he had joined and what's the problem that he is having?

He replied that he had bought a $6 by 6 Million package and didn't know what to do next. I thought to myself this guy must be a newbie. Since, he didn't even know what he bought!

So, I told him that all he has to do is download the provided reseller page, change the payment link so that customer will pay him and just promote it. Included with the $6 by 6 Million package was links to ebooks, classifed, forums etc. Places for us to go to and promote the package. I told him to click every link and see for himself what it's all about. Learn by using the ready made Ads headlines and promoting via traffic exchanges and safelist posting.

That's all to it really. After that email, he didn't email me again. Well, so much for the "thank you" email. Anyway, I was curious about the email he was using and I sometime check it out to see which Internet service they were using. I surf and browse through it and voila. I found a place to put my ads on their classified section.

I check it out and realize, there weren't any Internet Marketer promoting their product there. Heh heh, I thought to myself. A virgin classified. I'll be the KING there!

Classified on the Internet are so saturated with the same products, it doesn't seem to work. But, if you can find some "jewel" to place your ads then you might find a lot of 'newbie' to market your info products etc. This people are new to making money on the internet and some of them are really interested to know what it's all about. So, since there's nobody else there to help and guide them won't they ask you? And only you?

Like they say, in a blind country the one-eyed is the KING!

The next time you receive an email check out their service by going to the main site. You might just find a place to post your Ads for FREE!

I'm already receiving an enquiry about my own product that I'm promoting. So, it seems to work for me. By the way, if you're interested to know about the product that I have created myself and on sale online right now click here to visit it.

That's it for now and happy making money!

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