Monday, August 29, 2005

Post - Blog of the day

Well the show is over folks. I'm no more "Blog of the day". But it was a good exposure for my blog. Here's the stat:

Impressions: 5488 Clicks: 187

Impressions are how many time people visit the main members site and seen my blog shown as Blog of the day. The number of clicks are the actual visit. One thing I realized is the impressions shown were lesser for Sunday. Maybe, not many people sign-in. I saw the other impressions for others blog was at the region of 6000+. So, I get less clicks. If I had gotten more impressions, I reckoned I'll be getting 200+ visits!

I also wish to thanks those who visited my blog and leave a comment or two. I actually visited some of those blogs. I'm always interested to visit others blog and see what others are up to. Sometime you see pretty interesting blog out here. But, as always I receive "Spam" comments from Anonymous who spout rubbish that doesn't have to do with anything but promote their site. Don't even have a blog for that matter. I know these people use some robot promotion software to spam peoples blog. I've seen people promote it. I had always thought that these people have no manners and ethical to spam bloggers blog. It's enough, they are spamming emails but to spam blogs are just plain nonsense. The worst part is they don't even have a blog!

Since, I set up my own blog, today is the first time, I was angry and decided to delete these spam comments on my blog. I don't mind if you people personally visit my blog and leave a comment and promote your blog. But, to use a robot to spam blogs is un-ethical to me. Geez I haven't even bathe and I'm already work-up.

Well, at least, I have something to write today.

It's monday, and the start of a new week. Waiting for good news this week. Wonder, if it's going to be a gooOOooo ood week...

Oh yeah, one other thing. Now, only real visitors can leave comments on my site. I have opted that people need to key in some key words before they can post. You guys should opt for it too. To prevent being spam by robot!


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