Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bloggers, fill your paypal with $$$

I was surfing through Blogexplosion when I saw a blog which includes a paypal "donate" button. I've been thinking of putting that on my blog for sometime. Even told my friend about it. But, she says that in come countries you need a licence to do that. Well, I'm not sure if that's true. In the end though, I thought, even if I decided to put it, who would want to? I guess if it's some kind of tips it's okay I guess.

Anyway, I decided instead of asking for "donation" or "tips" on my blog. I might as well sell something via my blog and get paid via paypal. It's better that way. They get something in return in my case, "Money Making Report" - How to work at home making money using your computer and the Internet...Dirt cheap, quick and easy. And of course I get to filled my paypal with $$$!

If you are interested to fill your paypal with $$$ why not get my own "Money Making Report" and learn how I myself, use these same method to fill my paypal with $$$ easily. It's simple, it's cheap and most of all it's easy. Also included with this package are software, marketing tips, tools, trainning materials and so much more that I'm sure you'll be more then satisfied with your purchase.

If you need help, of course, I'll always be here.

Have a good day, and happy making money!

Salam (peace)!

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