Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm Blogexplosion "Blog of the day" ..weeeee

Normally, I won't post anything on my blog this early (9:00 am Singapore time). In fact, I should still be asleep right now!

My friend woke me up sms-ing me about Milan Baros scoring a winner for Aston Villa in yesterday match. I must say, Baros looks good in an Aston Villa shirt. I think it sparks up a bit on Aston Villa play. He's such a buzy bee that defenders are having a hard time marking this man. I don't know why Milan Baros wanna leave Liverpool right now when they are the current Champions League winner and now Europe Supercup owner too. But, I kind of understand maybe. He's been there a long time already and sometime you just need a change. A new beginning.

Life like that, you need a change or two sometime to sparks up your life. See and do things in a different way. When I'm bored, I try to change my routine a bit. Go out and have fun, forget about work. Forget about your everyday worries. And when I come back, I have a lot new ideas coming in. If you're having writers block, don't force yourself to write. Just go out for a walk, or do something else. Rejunevate yourself. Ideas would then starts creeping in and you'll can't wait to start writing again!

See? Actually, I was only going to write about my blog being chosen by Blogexplosion Traffic Exchange as "Blog of the day", in the end I talk about something else.

Just wanna say thanks to those who visits my blog from BlogExplosion. The ironic thing is the same visitors are complaining about my blog breaking the rules by having a popup. Even though it's just a small one. I was actually using the small popup to improve website traffics to my online biz site. I don't know if I should cry of happiness or sadness because of this. As always though, I try to change a lemon into a lemonade. I took this opportunity to change a few dead links and put a new banner below for those of you interested in getting FREE extra traffics to your blog or other sites. Just click the banner at the bottom of this page and you'll get 1000s of visitors totally FREE!

That's it for today, time to check my email!

Have a great sunday people!

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